A Teacher Aide is an assistant teacher or a co-teacher who helps in day to day functioning of a teacher in a school. They are also known as instructional aides who help in providing clerical and instructional aide to the teacher. They help the teacher by providing individual attention to each student in a classroom.

Job Description

Their main job description is as discussed below-

  • They mainly aid students who are in need of some extra help.
  • They provide supervision during lunch break, recess, or during field trips.
  • Mostly they provide a combination of both imparting instruction and clerical duties.
  • Under the guidance of teachers, they help in a better understanding of the instructions to the students.
  • They help the students in answering questions; listen to the students reading quality and revision of classroom instruction.

Job Duties

The main duties pertaining to this job are as listed below –

  • Some teacher aides provide mainly clerical jobs. Their duties include overviewing the non-academic set up of the school. This may include setting up a playground, lunchroom, etc.
  • They help in the correction work of the homework or the answer scripts of test papers.
  • They help in typing of question papers.
  • Help in preparation of the report cards of the students.
  • They help in maintaining the health records and also the attendance records.
  • They help in the stock keeping of the inventory items in a classroom.
  • Special education teachers are required to take care of children with special needs throughout the day.
  • Mostly some assistants work with children with special needs.
  • As children with special needs, are nowadays attending classes with normal students, the requirement of assistant teachers has sharply increased.
  • They help in assessing the progress of individual students by carefully observing their performance and maintaining data records.
  • They attend to students who are differently-abled or those who have specific needs.
  • They help students who speak English as a second language or those who are there for remedial education.
  • The assistants are also required to feed toddlers in their lunchtime and also to keep a watch on them during playtime.
  • They also help children or toddlers with mental or physical disabilities.
  • They work in association with therapists like playing games, or involve them in some physical work so as to help them in behavioral growth.
  • Teachers who are adept in a foreign language help foreign students to learn the local language.

Job Skills

The following skills are must for people with such a job profile.

  • They must be very friendly and compassionate with the students so that the students open up to them and discuss their problems.
  • They must be actively involved with the daily activities of the students’ life.
  • They must possess a good understanding of child psychology.
  • Special educators must have relevant qualifications as well as a sense of respect towards the children with special needs.
  • They must be physically and mentally very active so that they can keep the children busy the whole day.

Work Environment

Their work environment is predominantly based in schools and classrooms. Special educators might have to work in Special schools, mental asylums, juvenile correction homes, etc. apart from working in normal schools. Some are required in toddler schools and daycare facilities for children.


  • A bachelor’s degree in education is a must.
  • Teachers who are special educators must possess a degree or diploma for the same.
  • A degree in child psychology will have an added advantage.

Tips for Jobs

To become a successful Teacher Aide one must love and care for the children. They have to understand their psyche and work in accordance with them.

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