The work that a surgical assistant has to perform is, helping the surgeon while he is operating a patient. He does many important works prior to the operation as well as during the operation. He has to follow the directions of the surgeon, and help him in the operation.

Job Description

The important functions that they have to carry out are as described below:

  • Before the start of a surgery, they determine what equipment will be required by the surgeon.
  • They have to position the patient for the surgery.
  • He has to cover the patient as per the requirement of the surgeon.
  • He has to place the x-rays in a manner so that the surgeon can get a good view.
  • During the surgery, he might be required to cut the tissues, etc. as per the surgeon’s requirement.
  • He might be required to cut open certain arteries, place the tubes. If there is cardiac arrest, then they have to resuscitate the patient.
  • He should know how the surgeon likes a particular thing to be done.
  • After the completion of the surgery, he might be required to close the wounds, and apply proper dressing to them.
  • They have to assist in different types of surgeries.

Job Duties

The important duties related to this job are as listed below:

  • They have to inform the patient about the procedure before the surgery.
  • He may be required to provide the emotional support to the patient before the surgery.
  • Their main duty is to assist the surgeon with the operation procedure.
  • They perform many important tasks during the procedure, like dressing the wounds and ensuring that these areas remain sterile.
  • They are required to inform the whole procedure to the patient, and after the surgery, he comes for routine checkups.
  •   Depending on the type of institution his other duties other than helping in surgeries might vary.
  • They may be even required to perform some clerical work.


The important skills required for this job are as described below:

  • They have to see that the surgery runs smoothly.
  • They have to win the confidence of the patients and make them feel relaxed before the surgery.
  • They must be thorough professionals.
  • They should be able to pay attention to even the minutest of details.
  • They should be able to seal the wounds of the surgery.
  • They should be able to observe the vital signs of the patients.

Work Environment

The working conditions of assistant surgeons can be described as follows:

  • They have to work in the surgical units of any and all the departments.
  • They do not have any fixed work hours, and have to work in case of emergency.
  • They do not have fixed weekly holidays.
  • They may be required to work in shifts.
  • Their job does not involve any physical labor.
  • They generally do not have to travel for work, except going to attend conference, etc.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as described below:

  • They should possess bachelor degree in medicine.
  • A degree or diploma in surgery is desirable.
  • Having experience of a few years is an added advantage.

Tips for Jobs

Some of the important points which a candidate with this profile should keep in mind are as follows:

  • As this is a very important role, the person opting for this profile should be very dedicated and hardworking.
  • They should be prepared to face the sudden challenges arising in a surgery.

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