Student advisors refer to trained staff that is responsible for providing information on various student related issues such as the courses on different subjects, scholarships that are provided by state and by private institutions, opportunities in the field of education and the administrative details regarding admission in schools and colleges.

Job Description

  • Interviewing and evaluating the aptitude of students for a particular course or program.
  • Acts as an academic counselor of students thereby allowing them to explore different career options according to their academic abilities and have definite approach towards their career by following appropriate goals.
  • Preparation of student guides containing information on career and recruitment.
  • Provides comprehensive information on career and education to parents and students.

Job Duties

  • Evaluating the academic capabilities of students according to their age and helping them in establishing their academic goals that can be attained conveniently.
  • Helping the students to choose an apt degree course and recommends them about the students programs that are being held and allowing them to complete their academic assignments.
  • Providing information the regulations and policies of colleges and other academic institutions and also helps the prospective students and parents who are supposed to take admission in new courses.
  • Tracking the academic progress of each student with respect to the course that they have selected, procuring their progress reports form the educational institutions and guiding them towards the completion of their assignments by suggesting various ways.
  • Evaluating the grades of students in order to assess their abilities.
  • Explaining the potential students about the procedures that must be fulfilled for taking admission to a college or an institution and allow the message to get across the students.
  • The student advisors also collects data such as GPA’s of students for preparation of reports.
  • Assisting the students with the admission process of an institution according to their individual skills and abilities and also provides guidance on the selection of courses.


  • Student advisors should have excellent communication skills.
  • Should have the ability to gather information about courses and institutions for helping the students.
  • Must possess public relation skills, which is necessary for the job.
  • Must be a good speaker for providing clear and accurate advice and information to students.

Work Environment

The work environment of student advisors varies throughout the year and the work burden is more during the time of admission and registration procedures in educational institutions. A student advisor must possess Bachelor’s degree in Education and Counseling with prior experience of working as an academic advisor. However, they may also possess skills and abilities pertaining to the same field or worked in similar capacities for advising the students about career options. They should also have thorough knowledge of different study programs or courses and their implications for students.

Tips for jobs

  • Must be a good speaker with intense knowledge.
  • Should have confidence and conviction before advising the students.
  • High skills of communication.
  • Ability of multitasking.

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