A Store Assistant is responsible for helping and looking after customers when they are shopping in a retail outlet. They are responsible for performing various duties such as assisting customers, billing, inventory checks, etc. Sometimes, store assistants are paid commission over and above their fixed salary on meeting some sales targets. Store assistants play an important role in determining the quality of customer service offered at a store.

Skill Requirements

  • Should be able to multi task.
  • Be able to communicate with the customers in English or local language of the region where the store is located.
  • Must be a team player and be able to get along with any kind of individuals.
  • Excellent presentation and customer service skills.
  • Basic awareness of mathematics and accounting for order keeping and billing.
  • Polite and calm personality to deal with errant customers.
  • Excellent negotiation and selling skills.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic individuals who can work with minimum supervision.
  • Must have physical and mental stamina to be standing throughout working hours and to be able to lift heavy objects.
  • Good knowledge of computers, MS Excel, inventory systems and billing systems.

Job Duties

  • Ensuring all the products are placed in correct shelves before the store opens.
  • Ensure the store area is clean and orderly.
  • Assist the customers to find any products they are hunting.
  • Give information to the customer about the features, durability, and functionality of the products.
  • Inform the customer about any discounts or special offers available.
  • Be vigilant and report any suspicious customer activity to avoid shoplifting.
  • Work at the billing counter of the store – Generate correct bill, collect payment and pack the product in a suitable packaging.
  • Keep track of inventory and inform the store manager when new stock needs to be ordered.
  • Refill shelves as and when they get empty.
  • May have to do home deliveries of goods in the adjoining locality.

Work Conditions

  • Work from a retail store such as super markets, shopping malls, departmental stores, single brand retail outlets, convenience stores etc.
  • May be required to travel within the locality where the store is located to make home deliveries.
  • Candidates will have to be mostly on feet during working hours.
  • Will have to lift and move heavy cartons and weight.
  • May work as a full time or part time employee.
  • May have to work on weekends and holidays as most of the stores are open on such days.

Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who have completed under graduation or graduation in any stream of education. Post graduation is not needed for this role.
  • Candidates who have previously worked as a store assistant or in a customer service role will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Be friendly and helpful while serving each and every customer.
  • Try to create a pleasant shopping experience for the customers.
  • Be honest and do not indulge in any unlawful activity.
  • Ensure you wear the store uniform and id card at all the time.

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