A Stock broker is a person who works as an agent between the  stock market and anyone who is interested in investing in stocks. An agent works on a commission basis  for a short term or long term and executes buying and selling orders submitted by an investor.

Skill Requirements

  • Strong Decision making skills understanding the practical applications of buying and selling of stocks.
  • Good analytical and logical reasoning skills to be highly confident in communicating with the clients
  • You need to be an expert in mathematical and statistical skills who stays abreast with the fluctuating statistics.
  • This career choice needs you to have good marketing and communication skills as its use is necessitated to market a particular stock to a client.
  • You need to deliver trust and be amiable and approachable in this field as you need to objectively deliver critically right advice depending on the client’s life savings.
  • You need to stay away from making false promises and commitments and be sensitive and logical and work with a definite plan of action reviewing the current capital markets.

Job Duties

As a stockbroker you will be responsible for the process of investing in the share market for a client,  either individually or through a broker.

As a stock broker your primary role will be to understand the current capital market, analyze the pitfalls  and try to identify the strongest stocks for the clients to invest.

It is primarily important  for you to instruct your client to open a Demat account to make investments. It is necessary for you to study the financial instruments of a respective company, the schemes offered, the risk involved  for the sum the sum being invested all need to be strongly reviewed while forming investment choices.

You are responsible to maintain a constant vigil on the investments, and depending on the performance of the share market need to discuss with the client to reinvest or to sell the stocks, skeptically analyzing the amount of risks that can be taken in particular stocks.

Work Conditions

The working conditions for a stock broker may vary depending on the place of work. Moreover if you opt to be a freelancer you can rightfully perform the online broking from the comfort of your home, in comfortably flexible settings.

The  work of a stock broker is not bound by any age factor. Housewives, retired officials with interest and required knowledge can easily take up this career.

Educational requirements and training needed to be a stock broker

Stockbrokers are mostly preferred  more when they have a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, accounting or economics from reputed institutes

A Candidate with a  master’s degree in business administration (MBA) can expect advancements onto high-level positions and receive larger bonuses and a better salary.

Being in this field a professional degree though is compulsory but an individual who is updated and stays abreast about the current market trends is more likely to grow on the pinnacle of success.

Tips for the job

  • Being honest and truthful while giving critically precise advice with daily reviewed analysis of the capital markets depending on the client’s life savings.

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