People who do stockroom related duties are known as stock room assistants. Stock room assistants may work by themselves or may work in a big store, there also several other peoples, doing the same duties. Stock rooms must be kept clean, tidy, and should have enough stored stock in case they run out on the shop floor. To keep stock room in a good order, shop owners, and managers requires stock room assistants, to take in deliveries and ensure that the goods are there on their right place and if any stocks, that are low, are recorded to be replaced.

Job Description –

To become a stock assistant, one must be very organized. The merchandise should be arranged on shelves properly and the stock room assistant has to keep records of accomplishment of it by name and type. On every shelf, there are different kinds of items. The items that are very popular should be put on display for easier reach, by the stock room assistant. Stock room assistant should know, how to arrange the merchandise based on the type of course, each department of products has its own place.

Especially in big supermarkets, stock room assistant have to pay much attention on details. They have to be very responsible, and organized, so that they do not misplace the merchandise.

Candidate should have good physical condition because many times they have to lift heavy items. Their working hours vary a lot many times; they have to work on weekends and sometimes in night shifts also. They have to receive and store shipping materials in a stock, and have to assist stock room staff in organizing and managing stock room. They also have to keep good relations with the suppliers, and to always be informed of any change.

Eligibility –

The aspirants must have the following eligibility to become a stock room assistant:

> Candidate must have good and enough qualifications.

> Candidate must have previous experience of working in a fast paced, enthusiastic, and physical environment.

> Candidate must have good communication skills, so that the store team achieves results.

> Candidate must be well organized, with full attention to detail and sound retail to stock room.

> Candidate must know good time management skills and must have the quality to easily solve problems.

> Candidate must be careful because they are more prone to suffer work related injuries.

Job Duties –

Following are the job duties of a store room assistant:

> Candidate must have to report the stock room manager.

> Candidate must have to manage related documents and records.

> Candidate must be the first person to fix his/her eye on the new product arriving in store.

> Candidate is responsible to pack and unpack products, decides which ones are good to be sold and which ones are damaged or expired.

> Candidate must be responsible for assisting in the smooth going of all aspects of the stockroom.

> In some cases, candidate has to price the products.

> Candidate does not need to spend a lot of time with clients, but if it is necessary, than the candidate must provide them with the necessary information fast, and efficiently.

> Candidate must have to check the stock and other products that are not in stock any more.

Job Tips –

There are some following tips for candidates:

> It will be good if, the candidate has good knowledge of products and their sale.

> It will be very beneficial for the candidate, if he/she posses good health.

> It is good, if the candidate have good presentation skill.

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