A Staff Assistant in any organization is responsible for managing a number of administrative tasks. A staff assistant is a backbone of any department or organization as they help in accomplishing management and administrative related duties such that other employees can devote their time for their specialized functions. A staff assistant also acts as a communication channel between different people, different departments and different firms. Depending upon the type of firm, duties of staff assistant may vary. However the basic functions of coordination, liaison and administration duties remain the same.

Skill Requirements

  • Extremely pleasing personality.
  • Brilliant communication skills, oral as well as written. Should be able speak and write in English without any grammatical errors. Knowledge of few local languages is also preferred.
  • Should be able get along with any kind of individuals.
  • Must have excellent phone etiquettes.
  • Basic mathematical and statistical skills.
  • Self-motivated and determined individuals willing to work without supervision.
  • Helpful and accommodating nature.
  • Willing to put an extra effort whenever required.
  • Effective time management and people management skills.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of computers. Good knowledge of MS Office is a must.

Job Duties

  • Main job revolves around performing administrative, secretarial and clerical work in a firm.
  • Serve as a primary contact for senior managers.
  • Be aware of all the rules and procedures to be followed and ensure they are implemented by everyone in the department/firm.
  • Data entry work and managing a database of all the employees, inventory of items and other relevant things.
  • Check, sort and reply to emails for self and on behalf of the senior manager.
  • Managing stationery and allocating to the concerned persons as and when need arises.
  • Arrange meetings and manage calendars of superiors.
  • Manage travel schedules, book tickets and make other travel arrangements.
  • Take down notes when in a meeting with seniors.
  • Co-ordinate arrangement of seminars, refreshments, office parties, teleconferencing events and videoconferencing events.
  • Create and distribute internal and external notices and memos.
  • Manage and store all the important documentation and paperwork in a suitable form and place.
  • Help the employer and other staff members get access to necessary systems and databases by coordinating with the technology team.
  • Help in follow-ups and tracking any information as required by the employer and other staff.
  • Help run errands for seniors and staff.

Work Conditions

  • Desk work from office premises.
  • Normal working hours. May have to stretch on critical days or days with heaving workflow.
  • May have to make short trips within the city if need arises.

Educational Requirements

  • Under graduate or Graduate in any stream of education.
  • Post-graduation not needed.
  • Any certificate course or diploma or degree in administrative services or office management will be preferred.
  • Candidates who have previously worked as staff assistants will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Be cheerful and help create a lively atmosphere.
  • Ask questions in case of any doubts.
  • Always dress professionally and aim for a polished looks.
  • Be courteous and polite in conversations and mannerisms.

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