This position is for an experienced professional who has ability to manage administration and logistics in support of the directors in a busy, fast special events environment. The special event coordinator should have a penchant for special event management, provide top level customer service, be an energetic and enthusiastic professional, and should be able to build strong working relations with customers and fellow workers alike.


Special events coordinators are those who manage all types of events, such as charity functions, social gatherings, trade shows, conventions, annual conferences, private parties, music concerts and government functions. The position gives the person the opportunities to visit to luxurious places for organizing celebrations or events for the clients. You also get to meet people in high places. However, the job sometimes can be stressful and extend up to long hours.


A good Special events coordinator must have strong communication (written and spoken), person handling, promotional and public relations skills. Apart from that, he must be able to work within deadlines and remain flexible. If somehow event related plans suddenly change, he must remain calm and flexible. Depending on the nature of the position, a coordinator may need sales knowledge for marketing and package events. Other necessary skills include:

v  Exceptional organization ability

v  Attention to even the small details

v  Ability to manage many activities at once

v  Talent for coming up with creative ideas to solve problems.

v  Aptitude for detailed planning and working within budgets

v  Ability to work in group as well independently, as the situation demands.


  • Assist with negotiations for contracts and booking event venue, arranging for food and beverage, ordering supplies of necessary items and hiring audiovisual equipment, make travel arrangements etc.
  • Collecting information on each project to achieve good productive result.
  • Organize research, visit sites, and find the proper resources so the decisions can be changed into possibilities.
  • Come up with new ideas to improve the planning and implementation process of the project.
  • Serve as liaison with vendors, suppliers on event-related matters.
  • Give assistance to on-site production and clean up area for events when required.
  • Create nametags, materials, notebooks, packages, gift bags, registration lists, seating cards, etc.
  • Help in preparing budgets and provide regular progress reports to staff directors for each event project.
  • Keep track of financial expenditure during events- including check requests, invoice, and reporting.
  • Manage appointments and visits to the event space, and scheduling of events on the calendar.
  • Get event contracts ready as requested.


Most employers will prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, business, marketing, public relations or communications.  Prior work experience will be greatly valued. Many people enter the event coordinating field after working as an administrative assistant or a marketing coordinator.

Work conditions

The venue of the event will mainly be the workplace. Working hours may radically vary. Occasional visits to sponsors, vendors may be required.


Those who can manage and multitask, this job are perfect from them.

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