The site engineer is the person who is responsible to take care of the operation at the construction site. He is the person who supervises the work of the labors. He is the key person who monitors the project and executes it efficiently. He looks after the structure construction, raw material selection, sanitation construction and electrical structure in the site.

Job Description

A site manager’s work varies as per the requirement of the project. If he is attached to the real estate development, the engineering job includes supervising the materials used, checking the construction plan and etc. He can work for any department, rail, road or civil. He can be attached to a private or government organization.

He is basically a member of the site management group. He monitors the designs and check the security, sanitation and safety of the thing he is constructing

Job Duties

The duties and responsibilities of a site manager includes

  • Manages the site work
  • Plans the design of the project.
  • Designs the project layout
  • Prepares the draft for the structure. The drawing is essential for any civil or sanitation site.
  • Supervises the work.
  • Check the quality of the raw material used.
  • Assist the project manager
  • Prepares the budget
  • Coordinates the work with other departments


  • Technical skill is highly recommended. He has to work on the computer and design the layouts or communicate with the client and office.
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • Staff management quality.
  • Presentation skill. He has to present the project plan to the client.
  • Ability to investigate and carry out surveys on the project site
  • Supervising skill
  • Team building and motivation skill.

Work Environment

The working environment is extremely challenging. When the site manager is working on the road or building construction, he has to work in remote areas. He might have to stay there for days. The work is tough and needs adapting quality. His job is not operated from the office. Instead, he has to work in harsh climatic condition with labors and other natural hazards.


You have to select the area and then study the Bachelor’s degree of technology from any recognized university. You may study Civil engineering, Mining engineering, manufacturing engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Electrical or Chemical engineering, Maintenance engineering and etc.

  • The basic knowledge of science and mathematics is very essential.
  • Analytical skill is important
  • An advanced Diploma in Civil engineering will help you grow in the industry quickly.

Tips for the job

Engineering is a complex field. In order to work in this area, you will need on the job training and technical knowledge in the field. In order to succeed in the field of site engineering, follow the below mentioned tips

  • Ability to work under any situation
  • Ability to multi task under pressure
  • Decision making quality
  • General knowledge and ability to learn about the location quickly. The rip over local knowledge helps in working on the site.

Once you plan to work as a site engineer, just read the information and succeed in the profession.

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