A service advisor is a person who has to assist the people when they come to him and ask for advice. The role of service advisor in any organization is very vital. A good and friendly advisor who can serve the desired purpose of the people in the better way is successful. Mostly, the service advisors are found in car dealerships to guide the customers about the maintenance and repair of cars.

Job description:

  • A service provider is responsible for organizing and scheduling the service work in his service department.
  • He is also responsible to sell additional services to the valued customers of the company.
  • It is obligatory for him to inform the customer who are in queue that they will be helped very soon.
  • Inform the customers that their problem will be solved in what time.
  • Always be ready to provide the information that is asked by a customer.

Job duties:

A service advisor is bound to perform the following duties while he is on job,

  • It is the duty of the service advisor to listen to the customers carefully. They should not realize that he is not paying attention to them.
  • The service advisor should listen to the problems of the customers properly and he should provide the best possible solutions to them.
  • In case of dealership business, a service advisor is bound to check the vehicle after it is repaired.
  • Dealerships expect the service advisor to boost the sale of company by providing the quality services to their customers.


Good service advisors certainly have some skills so that they may attract the customers and satisfy them too. These skills are mentioned below.

  • The excellent interpersonal skills are required for a good service advisor. A service advisor has to meet a lot of customers in a day who are different in their nature and behavior. So a service advisor with good interpersonal skill is successful.
  • He must have an ability to satisfy the customers.
  • He must have the skill to control his anger and he should be very polite with the customers.
  • He should have a high level of energy every time.

Work environment:

A service advisor has to work at a post where he remains constantly engaged with the people so his working environment is quite diverse.


For being a service advisor, it is not necessary for the person to have a high qualification. His qualification requirements are as follows,

  • Employers expect from a service advisor that he must have a diploma from a high school.
  • Previous experience of the advisor is an asset for him.
  • They must know how to use the computer software for working.

Tips for job:

A service provider can perform his job in a better way by exercising following tips for the job,

  • He should be knowledgeable about the work that he performs.
  • He must be able to exercise patience in case a customer gets rude.
  • He should be polite to the customers all the time.

These tips for job can be very handy for a service advisor so he should keep in mind these tips.

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