The senior network engineer is one who is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization voice as well as data network for providing maximum performance and availability for the users. The senior network engineer strives to ensure that all the branches like LAN, WAN and VOIP are designed installed and maintained. The senior network engineer maintains hardware and software standards and ensures that its standard is maintained. He is also responsible of creating and maintaining network documentation. This position requires the candidate to be technically updated and be well in using all kinds of upcoming software and technologies. Being the top most level technocrat, he is also responsible for directing his sub-ordinates regarding the new technologies and projects where they can use it efficiently. He must have good knowledge of engineering and administration of multi-protocol routers. Even the network security devices departments, which stand at most crucial and network management system department are under his supervision.

Roles And Responsibilities 

·       The senior network engineer configures and supports the network mechanism and instruments

·       He is responsible for configuration of firewall system as well as support

·       The senior network engineer is responsible for designing the network and giving customer specific solutions

·        The senior network engineer monitors network and network security.

·       System utilization as well as back up utilization is under the senior network engineer

·       The senior network engineer must have the leadership quality. He should be able to handle in major network problems and should be capable enough of restoring the service back.

·       It is the responsibility of the senior network engineer to keep the shareholders informed about current network status.


Essential eligibility criteria

·        The candidates must possess a bachelor degree in any computer related course.

·       Candidates with a B.TECH. Degree in IT, CS from a recognized Indian university or college is eligible to apply.

·        The candidates are expected to have knowledge of CCNP, CCNA.

·        The candidate must have experience of at least 4 years in network and system administration. The applicant is also expected to have sound knowledge of network and system administration and other relevant field.

·        The candidates are also expected to have god knowledge about Cisco as well as other vendor routers. He should be good in configuration and management of switches

·        He/she should be aware of ISP operation. And should be well versed in address and routing management

·        The candidate should have good knowledge of security as well as risk management preferably in an ISP environment

·        The senior network engineer should be able to install application software. He should also be well in deployment of the application software

·        Should be well versed in code management, and revision control system. The candidate is expected to have relevant experience in this field.

·        The candidates are expected to have some experience in sound project management and handling

·        Should have practical knowledge of NAT and IPSEC


·        The candidate must have experience in MPLS.

·        The candidate must have formal presentation experience

·        The candidate must have excellent communication skill. He should be good in both written as well as oral form of communication

·        The candidate must have knowledge of Asian culture

·        The candidate should speak any one Asian language fluently.

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