A School Administrator is an individual who needs to perform comprehensive Administration services, including matters related to finance, buildings and personnel.

Skill Requirements

  • You need to have excellent organisational skills and should be amiable and have good communication skills to relate to adults and children.
  • Organize and work together with faculty, parents, and students. You need to be fast-paced and stimulating to keep up with the stressful and demanding policy requirements.
  • Ability to meet deadlines in tangent with the team.
  • You need to be a self learner and actively seek learning opportunities to facilitate progress.

Job Duties

As a School Administrator you need to work in consultation with the Head teacher and act as personal assistant to the Head Teacher. You need to ensure performing duties such as, Administrative tasks, finance, personnel and data management.

Administrative Duties

  • As a school administrator you are liable to deal with highly confidential and sensitive issues concerning parents, teachers and students. You will be responsible to instruct work orders to the authorised managers within the school.
  • You will need to maintain the daily account of work for the school diary and the head teacher. You will be responsible to set appointments and schedule meetings for the Head Teacher.
  • You will need to perform other Administrative duties such as organising school trips- educational and recreational   and coach the bookings for the same.
  • You will need to Co-ordinate the content for school magazines and publications.

Financial Duties

  • You need to maintain a complete account of petty cash and take approvals on individual spending items carried throughout the year
    you need to maintain income and expenditure accounts for the School Funds.
  • You will need to ensure that the bank statements for the capitation account and the school fund are in tangent.
    Personnel Duties
  • You will need to take responsibility to process all the documentation required for the teaching and non- teaching staff. You will also be responsible to maintain updated attendance records of all officials in school.
  • You need to ensure that all laws pertaining to attendance of children at school are enforced.
  • You will need to ensure timely delivery of monthly payments of all staff. In case of any vacancies you will need to monitor the recruiting and selection procedure.

Work Conditions

Many education administrators work more than 40 hours a week, often including school activities at night and on weekends. Most administrators work 11 or 12 months out of the year. Some jobs include travel.

Educational Requirements

A Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree is mandatory today in most schools for the position of a school Administrator

Tips for the job

Logical Reasoning, good mathematical skills can help you cope well in this job. High level of energy and good problem solving, financial management and impeccable written and oral communications  is the key to grow in this field.

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