The IT sector is the booming sector in today’s era. There are plenty of jobs which require several skills and plenty attributes. After completing the basic IT training a candidate has various choices as to become experts in several technologies.

SAP is the largest and often termed as the best paid arena in IT industry. Like other software giants, SAP is too a software company. However it specializes in developing business software. If you happen to be a SAP expert, you can take various positions to work on. You can advice and install SAP software in various business houses as per their need. All this needs to be done with precise and good business and technological skills.

Being a challenging field, a SAP consultant needs to know everything about SAP products and solutions. This can only help him in achieving the best solutions to recommend it to his customers for a better technological solution.


The basic function of a SAP consultant is to provide support to the client in selection implementation and support of SAP FICO module. With the help of consulting skills, business experience and knowledge and SAP solutions the SAP consultant infuses this into the client’s business environment. This helps the business to reach a new height and later get the expected results.

Roles and responsibilities

  •   In order to enhance the clients business the consultant must provide implementation and support of SAP financial and supporting.
  •  Must provide functional expertise and guidance for successful implementation of SAP.
  •  SAP consultant is responsible for designing of asset management. The configuration and testing of asset management is also a prime   duty of the SAP consultant
  •  Design of CO-PA is very important as both its configuration and testing is essentially the duty of the sap consultant.
  •  Design of FI / CO module. Apart from designing the configuration and testing of core FI/CO module is also an important task for the sap consultant.
  •  Estimating the product costing and predicting the material ledger
  •  Design and configure the consolidations in EC-CS. Even the testing of it is in hands of the SAP consultant
  •  SAP consultant is primarily responsible for providing technical solutions to the clients. SAP consultant acts a liaison with the clients for troubleshooting
  •  Solves software problems and tracks the clients business requirements and objectives
  • Provides necessary changes in previous modules


  •  The candidate must have a bachelor degree. Preference will be given to majors in finance and accounting
  •  The candidate must have at least 4 years of experience in SAP FI/CO configuration
  •  Candidates with knowledge of ABV codes will be preferred
  •  The candidate must have necessary business skills to judge the problems
  •  The candidate must have undergone at least one implementation of SAP R/3
  •  The candidate must be able to analyze the problems and sort out some clear technological solutions
  •  The candidate must be good in process designing
  •  This position requires very good inter-personal skills, as the person has to deal directly with the clients. So the candidate must have good communication skill.
  •  The candidate must be willing to stay abroad as per the requirement of the company.

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