This is a position which is actually meant for preparing all the performances and development. The main objective of this post is to subject leadership to all the staffs and sales team for a better profitability. In fact the plan establishments and strategy building are all considered as a same formula. Not only is that but the Account executives also being taken good care by the Sales Director.


The main job of a Sales Director is to deliver and formulate the strategies that are necessary for building up the production. He must play an important role to provide leadership, direction, provide vision and future growth. This will regulate the profit targets and to make the plans sustainable. This will be done with the possible and fundame3ntal growth of relation between the retail partners and the buyers.


  • Developing detailed strategy, sales and profit plans.
  • Boosting sales by working with retail partners.
  • Identifying and reporting new business opportunities
  • Acting as a representative  for your business
  • Increasing market share in existing markets.
  • Achieving revenue, profitability and sales growth targets.
  • Provide direction to subordinates.
  • Prepares action plans for both individuals and team for dealing with various aspects related with sales.
  • Playing a key role in development and implementation of marketing plans.
  •  Building more effective communications with all Account Executives to understand training and development needs and giving them useful advice.
  • Provides report to senior management regarding performance.
  • Maintains detail and accurate records of all sales activity and reports submitted by Account Executives.
  • Makes new proposal presentations.
  • Assists Account Executives with proposals and presentations
  • Controls expenses to stay within budget limitations.
  • Maintaining company policies, practices and business ethics codes and making sure that they are followed within the team.
  • Interviews and hires Account Executives based on criteria determined by senior management.


  • He should be witty and understanding
  • Perfect communication skills
  • Finding answer or solution for every question
  • Able to capture the minds of any person
  • Direct the sales with perfect strategy
  • Must show prior experience


Must have the prior education on accounts and he or she should be equipped with the Management degree. Apart from that he should be equipped with a perfect knowledge of the outer world.

Work condition

In the direct selling it comprise of all the methods that are necessary to accelerate the sales. It is challenging and needs hard working environment to make things with a brighter and finer. This is a total team work thus managing and motivating the team in every odd situation will be the first priority of the person.

Tips for the job

  • The person should have a foresight and open to all the suggestions that are coming from all the directions.
  • Making the best use of all the marketing tactics
  • Should be willing to undertake almost any challenge to achieve the target
  • Motivate and empower the fellow staffs.

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