In today’s highly competitive business world, everyone is looking to enhance sales in all possible ways. Though every company – small or big has personals that focus on sales activities, additional help is sometimes sought. He or she is recruited as a sales consultant.

Sales consultant works as bridge between companies and their clients/ prospects. They help to push up sales and build a long term business relation between the concerned parties.

Job Description

In business, sales are an area of specialization just like administration and finance. It is possible that a company is lacking in direct experience of selling because of the inexperience of its staff. Also, a company may suffer for decline in sales. In these circumstances a company may opt for the services of a sales consultant.

Duties of a Sales consultant

Sales consultants’ work both independently or for a consulting firm, from where they are sent to client companies.

• Attend sales meetings, business conferences and corporate events

• Handling important clients in a professional manner

• Deal with customer issues such as complains, feedbacks, suggestions, requests etc.

• Processing customer orders correctly and in time

• Always staying up to date with product launches and company events

• Maintaining communication with the clientele

• Preparing new sales or marketing strategies for the client company

• Working in co-ordination with other departments of the company

• Scheduling important appointments and meetings as well as business calls


Sales consultants need to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum. It will be better if the degree is in a business related field such as marketing, finance or business management. Having a higher post graduate degree is really valuable for professionals as it gives them an edge in the competition at their field.


Don’t forget that

• You will have to be self motivated in order to progress

• Be professional in your approach to every work

• You need to be passionate about the field of sales

• Acquire as much expertise in sales as possible

• Focus on having quality customer service skills

Work Condition:

In the volatile business world, things can change quickly. A company which is experiencing a steady income for a long time can all of a sudden dry up seemingly overnight. In such cases a company should never wait too long before addressing the problem. Hire a good sale consultant right away, can help that business get back to the path of success again.

Tips to be noticed!

• You need to have creative faculty to think of innovative sales ideas

• It is important to have good time and work management capacity

• In today’s internet driven world you must be proficient in online and web marketing

• An impressive record of accomplishments boosts up your profile

• Information gathering is another important skill

• You need to have effective communication and interpersonal skills

• You should be able to build up network and negotiate in different circumstances.

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