Sales Associates are employees of any store that serve the prospects from the time they step in until they are perfectly satisfied. All stores need at least five sales associates to run their store. In times of holidays and sales the need arises, giving a chance to the employees to earn incentives or a better pay. The job opportunities are now growing as the number of stores is multiplying drastically, meanwhile the present sales associates are promoted to managers.
Sales associates are expected to manage the inventory, arrange the products on the shelves or the floor, make the prospects feel welcomed, help them find an ideal product for them, assist them throughout their hunt, encourage them to make higher purchases in a subtle way, keep an eye on shop lifters, help in opening and closing the store and last but not the least do the administrative tasks.
The job may sound heavy, sure it does include pressure and stress from the managers but in the end it is a delightful task as one meets new people every day and helps them shop!

Skill Requirements

  • Communication Skills – able to interact and converse with the prospects and motivate them to make purchases.
  • Strong linguistic skills – to flawless interact with all kinds of customers, those who speak in English and those who are more comfortable with the local language.
  • Responsible – The brand and the store shall trust the applicant to safeguard the products from shop lifters.
  • Convincing power – Sales associates are rewarded by the number of prospects they turn into customers. Hence the applicant must have a strong convincing power over the prospects.
  • Self-motivated – The manager’s motivation is not all an employee needs.
  • Well organized – to deal with inventory and placing them right.
  • Disciple and good personality– Sales associates are often the face of the brand, since customers interact with them the most.

Job Duties

The duties in all stores are more or less the same- arranging the inventory, encouraging sales, being at service to the customers and administrative work. To describe the job tasks in detail, the sales associate is expected to:

  • Maintaining the inventory at the store room
  • Arranging the store shelves, section wise as instructed. Shuffling the products time to time.
  • Adding price tags to products and other promotional posters and displays.
  • Make the prospects feel welcomed and overwhelmed by the store and its products.
  • Guiding prospects around and help them find the right product.
  • Encourage the customers to make higher purchases.
  • Update themselves about products available, price lists and offers if any.
  • Offer impressive after sales service.
  • Check the cash register- follow the entries, discounts and offers.
  • Monitor house cleaning
  • Answer phone calls, email and queries.
  • Keep safe from thieves and shop lifters.

Work Conditions

The work conditions is highly variable, it depends on the brand, it’s target group, the location of the shop and the kind of product the brand sells. The working environment of selling high end make up shall be very different than the one selling Phones made in China. Few common factors are:

  • Constantly surrounded with customers, who need to find the right product.
  • Walk in prospects that are unsure if they want to make any purchases.
  • Window shoppers who just take a look around and avoid the sales associates.
  • Managers, supervisors and colleagues doing their own task.

Educational Requirements

Sales Associates are not expected to be highly qualified. However, they should meet certain criteria.

  • All applicants must have an HSC certificate of any field.
  • Those with a degree or certificate course in marketing will be preferred.
  • Previous work experience also counts in increasing the eligibility.

Tips for the Job

  • Be presentable and smart every day.
  • Greet the prospects as they enter and when they leave the store.
  • Keep an eye on those who try to ignore the employees.
  • Attend every customer to your best.
  • Make the most of weekends and sales- extend your working hours if possible.

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