A sales agent is a person who is employed by an agency or an organization for selling or distributing the products and services of the organization within a particular territory. The sales agent ensures that the product or the service reaches the end consumer through sheer presence of mind and communication tactics.

Job Description

  • The job of a sales agent will largely depend on the nature of the products and services that are to be sold.
  • A sales agent is responsible for applying proper techniques in order to convince the customer while selling a product.
  • A sales agent is a representative of the organization for which the product or services are being sold. Therefore, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge about the products and services that are sold by them.
  • The sakes agents usually work in particular territories for which they must carry out extensive research of the locality or the people where the goods or services are to be sold.
  • Sakes agents should be prepared to handle any kind of queries put forth by consumers during the procedure of sales.

Besides this, the sales agent should be prepared to follow the instructions of the Sales Manager and enthusiastic to handle pressure.

Job Duties

Here is a brief outline of some of the major duties that are followed by a sales agent:

  • Handling existing accounts and preparing new accounts for the business organization. Calling potential customers and following up with existing customers are an important part of their duties.
  • Resolving the queries and complaints of customers regarding the products or services that are already sold.
  • Acquiring news from the market regarding similar products and services and studying the strategies employed by rival organizations.
  • Preparing presentations related to products and services and delivering it to clients.
  • Constant monitoring of the competitors.
  • Suggests product modification after studying the trends and reactions of the consumer while selling the product.
  • Should acquire new skills and tactics of selling in order to ensure more sales and growth of organization.
  • The sales agents are also responsible for providing information to the management about the status of sales, creating daily sales reports and monthly or weekly analysis of sales territories.


  • The agent must have skills of presentation.
  • Maintaining relationship with client.
  • Should have power of negotiation.
  • Enthusiastic about selling products and meeting goals.
  • Possess confidence and conviction.
  • Identifying the requirements of potential customer.

Work Environment

A majority of sales agents have to perform under sheer pressure as sales activity is responsible for bringing revenue and profits to the organization. However, the work pressure becomes less during lean periods of sale.


The sales agent must fulfill the basic qualifications for acquiring a job in an organization:

  • Diploma in secondary education.
  • Trained as a sales agent along with degree in business.
  • Work experience of two years in a similar position.
  • Diploma from a recognized institute.

Tips for the job

  • Sales agents must have good performance skills.
  • Should have patience while dealing with customers.
  • Knowledge and information are two of the most important tenets for sales personnel.
  • Must have knowledge of the competitive market.
  • Current information about the products and services of rival organizations.

The following details will help you to secure a job as a sales agent.

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