Sales advisors have become crucial parts of an organization as they are directly responsible for the sales of the company and also for the impressive representation to customers and clients on behalf of an organization. Many companies focus very deeply for the improvisation of their sales advisors as they have to represent the company and its products. People keep on looking for healthy, active and energetic sales advisors in order to have a best team of sales advisors.

Job Description

Sales advisors have to assist the customers in buying products for themselves. They are held responsible for the pleasant impression of the company to the customers. They have to keep the floor for sales tidy and are responsible for making sales to them. Sometimes sales advisors are given some targets in order to compete with the competitors. Sales advisors are responsible for the management of organization on the sales floor. They are supposed to behave very politely with the customer as for a company, a customer is everything and they do not want lose it.

Job Duties

Sales advisor have to be very patient while dealing with the customers. Following are the major duties of the sales advisors of the company.

  • Sales advisors have to greet the customer in a very pleasant mood. They are supposed to have some smile on their faces but with professional formal looks.
  • They have to maintain the inventory stock for the retail store or shop. If any product is running short, then it is the duty of sales advisor to inform the management for the repurchases.
  • Sales advisors have to assist the customers when they are not aware of the need exactly what they exactly want to buy.
  • Sales advisors are responsible in satisfying the customers with the appropriate answer for their queries.
  • Sales advisors have to keep the shelves tidy and they are responsible for the display of products.
  • Sales advisor have to maintain their stores’ daily cash balances and are responsible for receiving the payments and returning the balances to the customers.
  • Sales advisors have to keep the store clean and tidy. It is their duty to get it hovered daily by the sweepers.

This is how a sales advisor has to deal with the customer and also has to keep the environment of the floor neat and clean.


As sales advisors are directly responsible in making the sales for the company and for leaving unforgettable impressions on the minds of the customers, so they must have following skills.

  • A sales advisor has to be good at communication with the people as they have to convince the customers.
  • They must have a confident and impressive personality.
  • They must be patient enough in order to calmly listen to customer queries.

Work Environment

Sales advisors are provided with the environment that is exact replica of the organizational culture. They have to keep the environment clean enough for the effective selling of products.


  • They must have at least a high school certificate.
  • Persons that will be having diplomas in customer services will be preferred.

Tips for the Job

  • A nice communication with the customer could be a plus point for this job.
  • Meeting the targets will be the key to success.

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