A resident engineer (RE)  is an engineer who is being hired for some personal engineering works. His work is for project development. Resident engineers works according to customer needs.

They create specific instructions for engineering needs. They look out  the projects to develop them.

Job description

The resident engineers survey maps, reports, blueprints, drawings, aerial photography, and other topographical and geological data to plan projects. They estimate cost of materials, equipment, or labour to determine project feasibleness. They manage and direct all the staff members and the operations, constructions, or maintenance activities at project sites. They provides technical advices to the staffs regarding design, construction or programme modification.

Skill requirement

The main skill of an engineer is to know mathematics. It is the heart of engineers. Now they should have the knowledge to think the critical things, which we say “critical thinker” by using their logic and reasoning tricks. They have to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternate solutions.

Some problems are very complex- they have to identify complex problems and by reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and apply solutions.

Their work of judgement and decision making gives benefit of potential action to figure out the most appropriate one.

Job duties

Now the vast part of the engineers are here, means their duties. What they does. And they are as follows:

  • They analyse survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints ect.
  • They inspects project sites to monitor progress and controls conformance to design stipulation and safety or sanitation standards.
  • They prepare public reports on their required topics i.e bid proposals, environmental impact statements, deeds, or property and the correct way of description.
  • They conduct study of environmental condition or traffic patterns to identify engineering problems and measure potential impact of the project.
  • They directs or participates in surveying to lay out installations and build reference marks, grades, or peak to guide construction.
  • They tests soils or materials to find out the adequacy and strength of foundations, steel, asphalt or concrete.

Working condition of the job

The job of a resident engineer is very hard, but the talented engineers took this job in a soften manner. Now the working conditions of the resident engineers are:

-they have work very hard in dangerous situation, they always try to cover up the job in a time and with a full of work efficiency.

-they will have to spend lots of times in front of computers and they try to find out the solution of the problems.

-they will have to spend times in meetings and discussions.

Job tips

As we all know that the engineers are the god of earth so they have to always prove it by their work. Now a days the world is so easier to communicate and to reach at destination is only due to the engineers. So by keeping those words in mind they will have to improve more and more. They have to work efficiently and think of new inventions.

So engineers try to give birth to a new world.

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