In short you can define resident advisor as supervisor of student who believes in binding community without neglecting academic commitments. Building of community among wing and hall can be achieved by resident advisor by building programs or socials. They need to put into effect community standard ascertained by floor and hall residents.

Job Description

  • Resident advisor is someone who can understand children in and out.
  • They need to be smart enough to identify the talent among student and encourage them for further development.
  • Definitely they should assist student for good academic results but apart from that they need to look after their social activities.
  • They need to report to management in case of arrival of emergency situations like illness.
  • Resident advisor need to maintain proper balance between college and needs of students.
  • In some cases they might come across where situation may demand maintaining secrecy from them. They need to take care of college property as well.
  • They should always work keeping in mind norms and policies.
  • Resident advisor should be role model to student and so he need to take care of actions and spoken words.

Job Duties

  • The main duty of resident advisor is to build relationship among community members.
  • Increasing interaction between students by creating programs can result in good involvement of student.
  • Spreading positive attitude among residents and educating them.
  • Assisting students in achieving academic goal and holding hands of faculty associates.
  • During working hours they can conduct open house, staff meeting, programming, etc.
  • They need to take care of paper work and manage meetings wisely.
  • Preparing proper schedules for class is their core responsibility.
  • Surveys carried out among residents must get acknowledgement from resident advisor.
  • They should spend quality time with members of community so that they can serve aptly with the needs of residents.
  • Arbitrate complicated state of affairs like difference of opinion among roommates, common community problems, etc.
  • Conducting counseling sessions for residents and building healthy relationship with them.
  • As resident advisor you might be expected to spend maximum time among residents for their well being.
  • During weekends they have to be in residence and in case they need off for a day they have to get in touch with their supervisor.
  • They need to ensure that environment around them is safe, secure, neat and clean.


  • Applicant must have leadership quality.
  • They need to be aware of diverse culture.
  • They have to be good advisor.
  • They must be best in counseling.
  • Quick decision making ability can be advantageous.
  • Along with verbal communication they should be strong in written communication as well.
  • Having good programming skills can take them ahead as resident advisor.
  • They should be expert in building community.


  • RA can receive room and board against the services they render.
  • For RA position you need to submit online application form.
  • Candidate with good academic results can apply for RA.
  • They must get ready to live in hall.
  • Minimum 10 hours in a week they need to spend for the well being of residents.

Tips for Jobs

  • Be active member among residents.
  • Be quick with your thinking process and handle situations tactfully.

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