A reservation agent is a person who deals with clients, travel agents, reservation through various networking like mail, e-mail, telephone; meeting etc. he/she deals with them by a central registration system. Reservation agents control reservation records.

Job description

  • The main purpose of a reservation agent is to reserve various requests which come through different mediums.
  • They organize reservation records either by date of arrival or alphabetically.
  • They prepare both confirmation and cancellation letters regarding reservations.
  • They make list of requested item.
  • They have prior knowledge about hotels, trains, airlines etc.
  • Track room facilities.
  • Rates hotels so that clients can easily access them.

Job duties

A reservation agent must follow some basic duties. Few are stated below:

  • Reservation agents process reservations through telephone, mail, fax or any other medium.
  • Reserves for travel agents, airlines, hotel services etc.
  • Cancellation and modification of reservations are their duties.
  • Appearance should be sophisticated and friendly.
  • They arrange programs for clients.
  • Should be aware of all the processes.
  • Make documents for front office use.
  • They book, cancel, alter bookings.
  • They have a complete knowledge of all the categories they handle.
  • Should be able to handle crisis periods.
  • Should have priority list of all the categories under them.


To be a successful reservation agent few skills are required, they are:

  • Must possess an excellent communication skill. This is the most important skill required in this field.
  • Friendly nature is a must.
  • Should be able to deal with all kinds of personalities.
  • Must have a great network links. It is necessary to proceed further.
  • Convincing nature is valuable in this profession.
  • Adjusting and hard working.

Work environment

The environment is stagnant. Reservation agents sit on their chair and generate all their works. Various clients connect with reservation agents and they work accordingly. They never have to do any field works. Their job revolves around the office.


  • No high qualification is required for reservation agent post.
  • High school graduation in any subject
  • Must be able speak and read in English.
  • Basic knowledge.

Tips for the job

To be successful in this field few things must be kept in mind. They are as follows:

  • Maintaining a cool and composed nature is required. A reservation agent may have with deal with different people every day.
  • Customer satisfaction is a must.
  • Communication skills must be good.
  • Having a good array of sources are helpful. Networking is very important in this job. The more the network, more efficient and fast a work will be done.
  • Professionalism must be followed. This is an important criterion.
  • Goodwill is important.

The following information regarding the reservation agent job is expected to help a person looking for a guideline about the profession. Hopefully, the above information will help him/her to improve them and excel in the profession.

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