A Research Analyst is an officer responsible for helping in research, making a blueprint, managing the investigation and reporting the results.

He is required in many fields ranging from biological sciences to marketing.

A Research Analyst uses complex mathematical formulae to scrutinize business decisions, military operations and ensures the smooth work flow of the company.

Efficient training programs prepare analysts to successfully support the research process.

Skill Requirements

A Research Analyst should possess a strong research and data analytical skills. He should also be an expert in Microsoft Office and statistical software.

He should also have the aptitude to work independently and also as part of a team. He should also be skillful in time management and should have a keen eye for detail.

He should also have reasonable interest and knowledge in sports and entertainment industries.

Job Duties

Though Research Analysts might work in various fields such as finance, health care, education or communications, their duties are often similar.

A Research Analyst also examines public limited companies and comes up with definite suggestions for investors. They could advise investors to buy the stock of, sell, or hold on to the existing investments they have in a company.

In pricing projects, he should identify, collect and organize data and also provide the initial analysis. He should further review the data daily to ensure its quality and reliability.

Moreover, a Research Analyst helps in employing price modeling and predicting algorithms. Additionally, he supervises that deadlines are being met for the clients.

He needs to work with partners and clients to ensure timely delivery of information.

A Research Analyst may also assist in devising methods to make an organization more efficient.

Work Conditions

A Research Analyst should be able to work long hours alone, writing reports and preparing statistics. On the contrary, he should also be social enough to be able to work as part of a team. He should be able to effectively communicate the results to the organization.

Often, there is a pressure of deadlines and hence, he may have to work overtime from time to time.

Educational Qualifications

To be eligible for the post of a Research Analyst, the candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering or Mathematics. Furthermore, a relevant work experience of 1-3 years would give an edge over the others. The candidate should also be very proficient and interested in maths and computer science.

Tips for the Job

A Research Analyst should have excellent interpersonal skills as he needs to interact with the clients directly.

He should have patience and perseverance in dealing with the various aspects of his domain and remain calm and collected throughout.

He needs to keep updating his technical know-how and knowledge and application of necessary software and algorithms, because it forms the base of the major part of his job.

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