With the growing needs of engineering departments, more and more work specialization has been introduced in the organizations. People that were supposed to perform their jobs on broader spectrum, have to now focus on more specific kind of their jobs and many other jobs have been created with more work specialization. Reliability engineer’s job is one of them that have been created with the growing needs of the firms. Reliability engineers have to manage the assets management and their life cycles. They are also responsible for the risk management of the high cost assets. Thus, reliability engineers have to save the organizations and firms from the heavy losses.

Job Description

Reliability engineers have to perform many tasks in the firms in order to provide the firm with the maximum protection against heavy risks associated with the huge investments in the assets and processes of the firms. They have to keep their eyes on utilization of the equipment and have to assure whether the equipment is being run properly without any adverse effects. They work in correspondence with the production managers and research and development staff in order to have an idea what the organization is focusing on and how is it going to be achieved.

Job Duties

A reliability engineer has to work closely with the production managers and they have to assure the top managers that their investments are not being misused and are working properly. Following are the major job activities of reliability engineers.

  • He or she has to work closely with the project engineers in order to measure the reliability of a specific project.
  • They are responsible for guiding the production staff how to meet the customer specifications within the reliability limits of the company.
  • They are responsible for the asset life cycle management and have to keep records of assets of their organization.
  • They are supposed to participate along with the research and development personnel in order to develop the new products that are reliable in their nature and that can be manufactured with the capacity of the firm.
  • They have to be in touch with the production managers to devise for the guidelines for meeting the specifications of the customers.


  • Reliability engineers have to be very attentive all the time in order to have a look on all the operations of the firm for asset management.
  • They should possess an adaptive personality in order to work in a team.
  • They should have necessary knowledge of technicalities of the assets and also they should possess the knowledge of different calculations and measurements in order to evaluate their processes in a well manner.

Work Environment

Reliability engineers are provided with the proper offices and labs in order to make them feel at comfort and also they are given all the necessary tools for the communication with the world outside the organization.


  • They must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of reliability and asset management engineering.
  • They must have a diploma for the technical skills of a specific kind of assets.

Tips for the Job

  • They should be communicating with the rest of the staff all the time for better understanding of risks and reliability.
  • They should keep themselves updated with the latest techniques for the reliability analysis.

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