A Recruitment Consultant bridges the gap between an employer and a prospective job seeker. A recruitment consultant generally works with an external recruitment firm and helps companies find suitable candidates for a job opening. Similarly, the consultant can also assist a job seeker to find jobs matching his/her skills sets and background. The consultant is responsible for all recruitment and hiring related functions from start to end.

Skill Requirements

  • Should have an excellent communication skill, written and oral.
  • Fluency in English and minimum one local language.
  • A pleasing personality and ability to get along with people.
  • Ability to effectively match candidate skill sets with that required for the job.
  • Should be able to analyze soft & technical skills needed for the job, compensation levels and employer / employee expectations.
  • Ability to work with a team of recruiters / consultants.
  • Logical thought process and be able to provide appropriate advice / information to companies or the job seeker as & when required.
  • Knowledge of computers and MS Office applications. Knowledge of HR/Recruitment related databases/systems is an advantage.

Job Duties

  • Understand in detail the job opening available with the client.
  • Go through recruitment portals, referrals, professional / personal network, or any other source to source potential candidates.
  • Screen candidate resumes in detail.
  • Shortlist candidates by matching their skills sets with that required for the job. Shortlisting to be done by screening resumes and talking to candidates via phone, email or personal interview.
  • Arrange interviews (phone / personal) between the company and the candidate.
  • Post interview follow up with the company regarding candidate’s performance.
  • Provide post interview feedback to the candidate.
  • Be in constant touch with the company till the right candidate is selected.
  • Assist the company / candidate in the offer process and help negotiate terms of employment and salary.
  • Maintain a database of potential candidates from various field and background to be used for future openings.
  • Maintain client relationships with companies with regular calls and meetings irrespective of an available opening.
  • Regularly meet potential job seekers to understand their expectations and desired job.
  • Develop an expertise in meeting hiring requirements of a specific industry. For example, become an expert recruiter for the BFSI segment.

Work Conditions

  • Desk work from the recruitment firm’s office premises.
  • Extensive travel within the city to meet companies (employers) and potential job seekers.
  • Travel to other cities / states may be required depending upon client location.
  • International travel (if need arises) may also be required.

Educational Requirements

  • Graduate in any field – Mandatory
  • Post Graduate (MBA / Degree / Diploma) – HR specialization is preferred.
  • Past recruitment or hiring experience will be an add on.

Tips for Job

  • Communicate clearly.
  • Utmost professional attitude in dealing with clients and job seekers
  • Be proactive in finding good candidates and showing them to companies irrespective of an opening
  • Build a wide network of job finders and seekers which can be tapped whenever an opportunity arises.

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