The main work of a shipping associate is to check the different details associated with incoming and outgoing shipping and delivery of goods and products. There are various details that have to be managed while shipping products and it is receiving associate who has to take care of all such factors.

Job description

A receiving associate will have to collect the goods that have been shipped. They check the invoices, load the gods, stock it in warehouse and carry out a wide range of other activities too for the sake of monitoring the net goods production.

Job duties

A receiving associate has to perform the following duties.

  • Thy need to check the consignment. They have to match the contents with the details on the invoice.
  • They have to monitor the bills and check the payment as well.
  • They have to ensure that the goods can be stocked safely in the warehouse.
  • They must record the information about the consignment like the weight of the parcel, the number of parcels, the duty charges and other parameters as well.
  • They have to monitor the net expenses and related data for goods that are shipped to the consumers as well.
  • They have to deal with problems of short supply or prolong demand. They need to make adjustment to stocks accordingly.


The following skills must be a part of the résumé of the receiving associate.

  • Must be skilled in handling huge consignments.
  • Must be proficient in handling the making of invoices.
  • Should be skilled in checking the details of the consignments and tallying it with the information available.
  • Should have good team working skills.
  • Should have good inter personal skills.

Work environment

A receiving associate is likely to have their own desk. Although, they are likely to be allotted a lot of privileges and features, they would have to spend most of their time at checking the details of the consignments. Their work can get strenuous at times and people must be aware of the best ways of working at such tasks.


Most firms do not have any specific qualification set that must be required for this job. Even then the following list would be recommended.

  • If you have a bachelor’s degree, you are likely to grab the job.
  • Basic understanding of invoices and accounting is mandatory.
  • The applicants must be proficient in communication because they need to talk to the contractors in case of damaged or lost goods.

Tips for the job

In order to excel in the duties of a receiving associate, the following tips should be implemented.

  • You must observe the details of the consignments and record all information before clearing the dues of the contractor.
  • You should perform the duties as and when the need arises. Record all data immediately and do not postpone duties for the next day.
  • Make sure to carefully compile all information so that it can be used if required at a later stage.

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