Whether you are employed or bank on the option for self employment, as a real estate broker you are supposed to facilitate the different facets of property oriented transaction.

Job description

  • Arrange accommodate and facilitate the prospects of transactions.
  • Overseeing the deals and details of the transaction.
  • As a broker, you are supposed to bridge the gulf between the owner and his prospective customer.

Job duty

The premiere focus of your responsibility will spring from your role as a mediator. As a conciliator, you are supposed to meet the multifaceted demands of a property transaction.

  • Apart from facilitating the deals of the sale & purchase; the prospects of loan,leasing and that of renting are also ensured by a real estate broker.
  • Obtaining and placing of agreements so that the buyers are able to understand the terms and conditions also include the package of responsibility.
  • Assisting the owner of a realty firm in the generation of lists for saleable property is one of your responsibilities.
  • Comparing and contrasting the generic scheme of pricing and helping the owner in the determination of price is another angle of focus.
  • Going through the deals of the documents processed by other functionaries can be another area of your responsibility.
  • See that the terms laid down as part of the contract are duly fulfilled by both the parties.
  • Supervise and administer the performance of the agents appointed under you.


Besides the skills of bargaining and that of communication, a real estate broker needs to focus on the following areas of expertise:

  • Thorough knowledge of the different facets of the realty law.
  • Reasonable understanding of the basics of economics.
  • Acumen in calculation and commercial transactions.
  • Psychological insight and a reasonable competence in motivation.
  • Gift of the gab. That’s because you are required to talk your way through the deals of the transaction.

Work environment

As a broker, you may be appointed by a firm dealing with realty transaction or offer personal service of brokerage as a freelancer. Irrespective of your extent of operation, it is mandatory to get yourself registered with the proper seal of license. The work environment is bound to be challenging and keeping up to the target of the employer is going to be the premiere facet of motivation.


  • Acquaintance with the fundamentals of Mathematics is one of the requisites.
  • It is mandatory to embark upon a course of certification relevant to the issues of the real estate.
  • Generally speaking, the optimum requirement of ninety hours’ training is necessary.
  • It is also necessary that an examination confirms your successful clearance of the course.
  • The certificate program, which is embarked upon, needs to have the approval of the concerned state.

Tips for the job

  • The renewal of license is of premiere significance. In order to have your license renewed, do embark upon the scheme of continuing education.
  • Keep yourself well acquainted with the changing facets of the realty law.
  • It is important that you seek specialization in any one facets of the concerned industry.

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