Normally Ramp agents are employed by airlines to work on ground and tarmac at airports. Ramp agents are the ones seen most by airline passengers as they play their role as baggage handlers. They load and unload passenger luggage and cargo to and from aircraft. At the same time they also have responsibility for performing many other tasks related to arrival and departure of flights.


Ramp agents make sure that the plane is secured. They check and load luggage and mail into the plane, and then guide it to the proper terminal. The position requires the ramp agent to take responsibility for the safety of the flight crew and flight passengers. Their job is to ensure the plane is ready to take off and that all luggages are sent to the right aircraft and they also operate any machinery that is helpful to accomplish the various tasks assigned to them. There are some extra duties such as cleaning the aircraft, directing it to and from the gates, and handling the ground equipments that are required to secure, load, and unload the plane.

In order to be a successful ramp agent, the candidate must be able to read, write, and speak the English language fluently. Knowledge in other languages will be a bonus.  The work will be done in a stressful and high speed environment with deadlines, team work, quickly changing schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays. A ramp agent has to face variety of weather conditions, and go through a background check when being hired. Some other necessary skills include-

  •  Maintenance – Performing regular maintenance on the equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is required.
  • Troubleshooting – Determine what are the causes of operating errors and decide the necessary actions.
  • Time Management
  • Customer service skills
  • Attention to small details.


  1. Maintain airline policy of safety and service.
  2. Ensure all requirements and procedures are performed in a proper and timely manner
  3. Operate machinery/equipment to move baggage, cargo, to and from the destined aircraft and guide the aircraft in and out of the terminal through communication with pilots.
  4. Provide good service to customers.
  5. maintain safety and security on the ramp
  6. Escort passengers and special needs customers in a proper manner
  7. Service aircrafts and ground equipment as needed
  8. Stay in touch with ground staff and flight crews


Most ramp agent positions require the candidate to have at least a high school diploma. Though a degree, especially in science or technical subject will be a great added benefit.  The candidate must have legal authorization to work in that country, have a valid driving license and should be strong enough to lift heavy items on some occasions.

Work conditions

Airports will be the place of work. The working hours are heavily dependent on flight schedules. Uniform may be required, depending upon the management’s decision.


The job is for hard workers. Ideal are for those who do not want to work within four walls.

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