When we say engineer, it basically refers to a person who is skilled and have sustainable professional scientific knowledge capable of building up machines and maintaining, upgrading them from time to time. There is not a single field offered by the engineering universities for the engineers to get quality education. There are branches of it of which some of them are chemical, mechanical, electrical, textile, software and many others.

Job Description

It is considered mandatory for an engineer to complete his education till the graduation level and can start up his job without any degree issue. Engineers should be totally skilled professionally and practically so that they can easily encounter every problem in their work or machines with which they are dealing.

Job Duties

The duties of engineers include:

  • They should be skilled enough in their field so that they can easily understand what the job demands.
  • Understanding of the designs, blue prints and schematic diagrams and should interpret them accordingly.
  • Modifications of the designs and machines so that it can work accordingly to the requirements.
  • Modification or specification of the products to ensure performance with the specified designs.
  • To detect any type of error or the equipment failure in the design.


The main job of the engineer is to build such machines which should meet the requirement of the customer and that machine must be efficient enough to fulfill the quality of job.

  • He should have the sense of responsibility and work to accomplish his task on time.
  • Sense of teamwork and should be able to communicate with other colleagues for the efficient work.
  • He should keep on upgrading his knowledge as much as he can to meet the future perspectives.

Work environment

Usually, in every office and forum, engineers are always given a separate cabin where they can work and plan accordingly and could easily devise new ideas for the work. They should be given separate laptops and 24/7 access to the internet so they can learn about the new technologies and can use in his plan. It can also help them to communicate with other engineers and technicians so can take help in their projects and should be able troubleshooting in their projects or can also help them upgrading it.


There is no upper or lower limit for the engineer they can keep on upgrading their knowledge according to the market demands as they desire. First of all they need to get the basic knowledge of engineering in the specific field in which they have interest which can be electrical, chemical, mechanical, or any other till the graduation level. After that they can upgrade it till the master level for further need of knowledge they can enhance it to the post graduate level.

Tips for the job

For a quality engineer to gain the recognition, he must not let go off the following rules of thumb:

  • He must work hard and in accordance to the rules and policies underlying the firm where he is working.
  • He must show diligence in work which will ultimately enhance his performance at workplace.
  • He must be empathic and helpful towards his colleagues at his workplace making the environment cooperative and friendly.
  • A quality engineer should always speculate and think about alternatives for the given issue at hand and apply his abstract knowledge, judgment and intuitions from past experiences to forecast.

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