With the rising awareness of customers about the quality of the products, and with the increase in competition among the organization competing for the same resources and customers, it has become essential for the firms to employ quality control engineers. These engineers are responsible for protecting the firms from the losses of millions of dollars. They are held liable for the detecting the faults in a process and its improvisation.

Job Description

A quality control engineer has to devise the firms with the processes through which they can streamline their daily operations and also are able to avoid defects and faults in their products and services. Quality control engineers have to work like an alarm that is supposed to warn the firms with the possible failures of the processes that may lead to losses of billions of dollars if the process is not improved and products are let to manufacture. The basic purpose of the quality control engineer is to inform the firm with the problems within a process and also they explain its consequences. Then they have to improvise the processes and products before they are dispatched to the customers.

Job Duties

Quality control engineers come out to be very crucial for the firms and for this purpose, companies put their best efforts in looking for the talented one. Here are mentioned some of the major activities of a quality control engineer.

  • Quality control engineers have to monitor the daily processes of the businesses all the time.
  • They are responsible for testing the products during their planning and development phase and are liable for identifying the faults in the current processes.
  • They have to check for the factors that have caused the failure of the products. For this they can devise a new plan for the development of the products.
  • They are responsible for meeting the ISO’s rules and regulations for the products and services.
  • They have to maintain the standards of the company according to the demand of the international quality control organizations.
  • They have to provide the production mangers with the techniques that may help in achieving the customer satisfaction by meeting his or her specifications.
  • They are responsible for the products that are built for a specific customer and they can check whether the product is in conformance with the specifications of the customers.


  • A quality control engineer should have the skills of team making as they have to work in collaboration with other employees.
  • They should have good communication skills.
  • They must focus on the customer needs and should be having the qualities of motivating the people.

Work Environment

Quality control engineers work with the reliability engineers and work for the betterment of products of the company. They are given laboratories and tools for measuring the quality standards.


  • Quality control engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree of quality control and assurance.
  • They must also have the relevant diplomas for the state’s rules and regulations for quality.

Tips for the Job

  • They must save the firm from the losses by identifying the problems in the processed and planning phase of product development.
  • They must have proactive approach.

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