The main job of a certified quality auditor is quite important and it basically is all about setting up a standard auditing process that is acceptable all over. A good quality auditor is one who should examine, evaluate and question the various stakeholders and respondents, compile the same and send a report to the management pointing out the adequacy or otherwise of such a system. He or she also finds outs whether the laid down audit requirements are being followed by the various departments.

Quality Auditor Job Description

The main job of a quality auditor is to help and assist in all matters relating to implementation of quality systems. Here are the main points that could be considered as the job description of a Quality Auditor:

  • Preparation of training materials for different departments aimed at perfection in quality standards.
  • Initiating internal communication regarding the progress of otherwise of such quality standards across departments.
  • Assisting the chief auditors in assessing the strengths and weaknesses which have a role to perfect quality standards in various departments.
  • Maintenance of files and documents pertaining to such quality audits.
  • Gathering information and constantly updating knowledge on the various changes that are happening in the field of quality audit.
  • Work closely with the various audited departments to ensure that any shortcomings or lacunae are removed within a particular time frame.

Skill Requirements

  • Very good analytical skill.
  • Good investigative and error-spotting skills.
  • Good in number crunching.
  • Good at creating reports using various tools and applications.
  • Should be good at communication and persuasion.
  • Learning to be objective rather than going strictly by the rule book.
  • Being able to perform risk analysis to the satisfaction of the stakeholders or departments.
  • Must be skilled to come out with an action plan to set things rights in areas of concern and weakness.

Job Duties

The job duties could be quite varied and large in number. However, here are the main job duties of any quality auditor:

  • Taking steps to ensure that all laid down procedures and specifications.
  • Communicate with employees of various departments and inform of the areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Observing employees while at work and suggest corrective action if required.
  • Suggesting changes to ensure that the work procedures and equipments fall in line with the required specifications and requirements.

Work Conditions

  • The work conditions could vary from department to department.
  • It could be quite comfortable when quality audits are being performed in offices and commercial establishments.
  • Quality audits being performed in factories and remote locations could be quite tough, stressful and demanding.
  • Tight deadlines and high expectations are often associated with the job of a quality auditor.

Educational Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in any field is the basic minimum qualification.
  • A Certification from the respective Society For Quality is very important. This certificate set the certification standards, apart from helping candidates to sit for such certification exams.
  • Apart from the above requirements, experience of around 6 to 8 years is also asked for by many employees.

Tips for Job

  • Good analytical skills.
  • Good man-management skills will help you to help employees fall in line.
  • Good persuasive and motivational skills.
  • Good communication skills will also help a lot in helping you to pass the message across to various audited employees and departments effectively.

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