Quality Assurance Engineer is the person who is responsible for improving processing by using his data analysis and statistics techniques. They formulate the use of quality tools for improving and maintaining the product quality. The task of a quality assurance engineer includes conducting an audit so his responsibility is to lead a team of auditors and resolving the audits. He is even responsible for all the supervision duties including discipline and performance evaluation of any process. He ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the supplies to the suppliers.

Job Description:

Quality Assurance Engineer’s main job is to interact with the suppliers and fulfill all their requirements with their supplies. They attain the quality report of the supplies from the suppliers and then they focus on the corrective action to assure the best quality next time. They need to conduct the product inspection and verify its quality. In case of any customers complain regarding the quality of any product, it is the duty of a quality assurance engineer to resolve the issue. He analyses and recommends the necessary changes that include selecting and applying the correct measuring tool. The job is a reputed one in the market and the salary is quite high in this profession.

Skill requirements:

Position of a quality assurance engineer demands to deal with a variety of issues and problems regarding the products hence he needs to have following skills:

  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Should be well- organised.
  • Must have ability to conduct multi tasks.
  • Also should have basic knowledge of working on computerized systems using spread sheet and other editing tools.
  • Good communication skills and confident personality for interaction with the suppliers is a necessity.
  • Must have management skills that include time management as well as stress management skills.
  • Must be respectful and trust worthy.
  • Must have knowledge about basic accounting principles.
  • Must be strong in team concepts which mean he must have leadership qualities.
  • Must be clear in mathematical concepts and procedures.
  • Must have ability to work for long hours.

Job duties:

Job duties of a good quality assurance engineer include:

  • Perform inspection on the supplied products and assure the delivery of only quality products to the customers.
  • Plan and implement the test and inspection plans.
  • Verify the certification of the materials properly conforming to the specifications.
  • Supervise the junior employees and enhance their work.
  • Updates and develop the policies and procedures.
  • Collects and organise the data of the supplies properly and efficiently.
  • Coordinates the work progress.
  • Maintain quality related documents, inspection records, standards, specifications and codes.
  • Resolve all the customers’ issues regarding the supplies.
  • Recommends improvements and changes to the management regarding the policies and procedures to increase productivity and for maintaining the quality of the customer products.
  • Perform the well organised audits.
  • Doing modifications in the current supply system to increase its efficiency.

Work conditions:

The job of a quality assurance engineer is to plan and conduct a properly managed inspection to check the quality of the products. He provides constructive work environment to the entire staff. A quality assurance engineer needs to go out with the entire team for conducting the inspection and thereafter he prepares a complete report on the quality of the products, in his office using the computer.

Tips for a good job:

  • Must ensure the compliance of the policies, procedures and other rules and regulations.
  • Be honest towards his job.
  • Organise and coordinates the data collected properly.
  • Provide best team efforts.

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