The work of a quality analyst revolves around the issue of the quality in organizations. Several new processes, programs, software and products are introduced by the company on the ongoing basis and it is very important to ensure that all these things are of high quality.

Job description

The job of a quality analyst is to ensure that the ongoing processes and software ensure high quality of the end product being delivered to the customers. The quality analyst also needs to make sure that the software and process pass the durability and relevance test.  He/she needs to give in recommendations on how quality can be improved further.

Job duties

In order to meet the job specification the duties a quality analyst needs to perform are as follows:

  • Collect data to see if the company products and services are of high quality
  • Monitor the new processes and software being installed
  • Develop models to test quality in the relevant areas
  • Based on the test results introduce new policies and procedures in area which are lacking in quality
  • Present the improvement results to the top management
  • Train quality inspectors on what areas to work with
  • Analyze software and processes from the end customers view point
  • Ensure that high quality programs and processes and implemented in a way that is easy to use for other employees in the organization


The job of a quality analyst would require a person to possess the following skills:

  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have good analytical skills
  • Must be able to take holistic view of the situation
  • Should have judgment powers
  • Must have a sound technical background
  • Should be highly specialized in programming and quality related issues

Work environment

The work of a quality analyst requires a person to assess the quality standards in each and every department of the company. This job therefore requires a person to move around a lot and have understanding and communication skills in order to be able to interact with different types of people and understand the issues that exist. The work environment is therefore very versatile requiring a lot of movement within the organization. The job is also a very crucial one and may be very demanding in terms of number of hours.


As this job requires higly specialized skills in a person the minimum educational requirement for a person to apply for this job is a master’s degree in quality assurance and/or quality control. A bachelor’s degree with some years of work experience would also be acceptable.

Tips for the job

Every job has its own tricks and tips the knowledge of which comes over experience and can greatly help a person in his work. The tip for this job is that the quality analyst should work to achieve an integrated solution for maintaining quality standards and ensure that the implemented changes are widely and equally accepted in all departments and all individuals in the organization.

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