The responsibilities of a public accountant include efficient financial activities and operations of accounts within the public sector organization. Most of them work for public organizations like central or local government, as well as those companies which are publicly funded. However, many public accountants are also working for private firms.

Public Accountant Job Description

  • A public accountant has to perform several roles for their clients, who form small businesses and also big organizations.
  • Accounting service and tax returns for small companies or businesses.
  • Independent auditing services as well as attestation for financial statements and company accounts.
  • Reporting and accounting for all government agencies, non-profit companies and private firms.

Accurate accounting is the main goal of all public accountants, this forms the main part of their job.

Job duties

Public accountants have many account related responsibilities. These are a few of the duties performed by them.

  • Wide range of auditing, accounting and tax returns.
  • Ensure that all organizations, whether government or non-government, abide by the law and report revenue accurately and pay taxes in time.
  • Scrutinize the activities and structure of companies and advise tax management.
  • Perform the duties of a consultant for areas like compensation, data processing system, assets protection and employee benefits.
  • Prepare financial statements, evaluate ledgers, manage receivable and payable accounts, budget development, fraud prevention and preparing and filing taxes.


Public analysts will succeed well in their work if they special abilities and skills. These may include:

  • Being skilled at playing with numbers.
  • Have total knowledge about tax laws and legal matters that are relevant to financial dealings of companies.
  • Have the capability to offer clear cut and unbiased financial tips to their clients.
  • Should have excellent reasoning power and the ability to analyze well
  • Should keep an eye on minute details.
  • Should be proficient  computer accounting software

Work environment

Public accountants have to work from within the company and they have their own room to work from. Generally, they work for 40 hours per week, but they have to work for long hours during tax filing and reporting deadlines.

Sometimes, public accountants perform audits for clients from their offices too.


  • To obtain the position of a certified public accountant, a bachelor’s degree as well as CPA designation is required.
  • Employers prefer accountants who have completed MBA in accounting.
  • Accountant who want to move forward to a CPA position should pass the CPA exam

Tips for jobs

These are some valuable tips which may be helpful in advancing in your career as a public accountant.

  • Should have great interest in numbers and calculations
  • Have knowledge about financial legalities
  • Be good at problem solving even in stressful conditions
  • You should be good in communicating, whether verbally or by writing
  • Leadership quality is of great advantage in this field to manage and also train accounting staff, who are below you.

These instructions are very valuable and should be adhered to, if you want to become a top public accountant.

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