The property accountants are the people who identify and as well as keep the records the company’s accounts and other properties. In every company it is very important to appoint one or more property accountants for keeping a proper track of the company’s accounts.

Property Accountant Job Description

To understand the job of the property accountant it is better to discuss in detail about the job of the accountant.

  • They are considered to be the record keeper of all the important things of the company.
  • They should distribute the maintenance costs of the company.
  • The monthly statements are being prepared by them.
  • The statements are to be prepared by them regarding the income tax.
  • They should provide all the effective measures to control the accounting department.

Let us know some basic duties of the property accountants.

Job duties

There are many duties of the property accountants but, here we will discuss about few of them.

  • The audits that are being prepared by the external auditors are checked by the property accountants.
  • They have to prepare the annual audit of the company and then have to work with the external auditor.
  • They have to participate in the budget process.
  • They have to keep a complete record of the financial information of the company.
  • They have to work with property management department regarding the budget.
  • They have to provide effective recommendations for the business process.
  • They have to look after the monthly, quarterly and annual cash flow of the company.
  • They have to prepare the financial statements.


Here are some of the basic skills that are required to be a successful property accountant.

  • Proper business knowledge is required.
  • He should have an excellent mathematical skill.
  • Should be able to solve all the issues diligently.
  • Should have a skill to sense the problems.
  • Should have an excellent communication skill.
  • Knowledge of computer is must.
  • Should be able to think transparently.

Working conditions

Most of the property accountants have a nice office setting where they have to perform their job. Sometimes they even have to travel from one client to another. Though they have fixed working hours but, sometimes some of them work for longer times. They should be friendly enough and should definitely have a healthy relation with the co-workers.


  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in accounts is required.
  • It is better if they have a higher degree.
  • A proper training is needed.
  • A prior experience will help.
  • Should be excellent in mathematics.
  • CA degree will also help.

Tips for the job

If you want to excel yourself as a successful property accountant then you will have to follow these tips. Hope they will help you.

  • Be an effective communicator.
  • Enhance your mathematical skill.
  • Be friendly with your co workers.
  • Be hard working and extremely professional.
  • Always be on time.
  • Be ready to work for longer times.

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