A Production Designer is a person responsible for the look and feel of films, TV shows, advertisements, music videos or any other audiovisual media. Production designers are highly creative individuals who work directly with producers and directors. They decide and organize the movie sets and style the audiovisual such that it looks pleasing to the viewers. Production designer oversees and integrates the work of costume designers, art directors, set decorator and prop master. Production designer play an extremely crucial role in the formation of a movie as they help convert imagination into reality.

Skill Requirements

  • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills. Be able to converse effectively in English and some regional languages.
  • Must have a passion to work in the media and movie industry.
  • Physically fit to endure long working hours and outdoor shoots.
  • Should be able to deliver under stressful and demanding situations.
  • Highly skilled and creative individuals who can think out of the box.
  • Good at making manual drawings and sketches.
  • Excellent design and visual awareness skills.
  • Must have knowledge of various aspects of film making such as camera, lighting, sound, direction, etc.
  • Basic mathematical and budgeting knowledge.
  • Should be proficient in using computers and MS Office.
  • Excellent knowledge of design and drawing softwares such as CAD, SmartDraw, Photoshop, Flash, etc.

Job Duties

  • Understand the story and screenplay of the movie in detail.
  • Hold discussions and coordinate with various crew members such as producer, director, cameraman, lights team, fashion designer, art director, set decorator, actors, choreographer, etc.
  • Based on the detailed understanding of the script and liaison with crew members, visualize a look and feel for the movie.
  • Locate and assess indoor as well as outdoor locations needed for shoots. Hunt for outdoor locations by travelling to various places or searching on the internet.
  • Work with the graphics team and art directors to make sketches / drawings of the sets.
  • Liaise with prop master, set decorator and costume designer to ensure props and costumes which are being used are in sync with the scene being shot.
  • Working with the special effects team to improve the quality of the video.
  • Record all the costs incurred on the production and ensure it does not overshoot the budget provided.

Work Conditions

  • Work from indoor as well as outdoor shoot locations.
  • Desk work from the office of the production team.
  • Will have to travel extensively within or outside the city based on the location of the shoot.
  • International travel will also be required depending upon the nature of the shoot.
  • May have to be on outdoor shoots for days or months at a stretch.
  • There are no fixed work timings as timings will totally depend on the location and nature of each shoot.
  • Long working hours and working on weekends/holidays will be required.

Educational Requirements

  • Under-graduation or graduation or post-graduation in any field – Candidates having background of arts, graphic designing, art direction, interior decoration, 3D Design or architecture will be preferred.
  • Candidates who have previously worked as a production designer would be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Try to be as creative and as unique as possible. Don’t feel shy of experimenting.
  • Always make sure the designs are in sync with the story of the movie/shoot.
  • Take inputs of the producer/director in case of any doubts.

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