An engineer whose main role is to design new products or to improve the existing ones to increase their marketability is known as a Product Engineer. They have to work in all the three fields of sales, marketing, and also in engineering.

Job Description

The job of these managers can be described as follows.

  • They are required to design new engineering products.
  • They have to improve the designs of existing products if need be.
  • When they introduce any new product they have to train the personnel in using the product correctly.
  • They have to schedule the introduction activity of the newly designed machine, and resolve any problems pertaining to the working of the machine.
  • They work in close association with test and process engineers to increase the efficiency of the machine.
  • He has to inform the management about the status of the product.

Job Duties

Some important duties of this role are as below.

  • They have to provide the technical support and solutions to both the customers and the suppliers.
  • He has to assist the Product Manager to organize product training.
  • They have to prepare product updates.
  • They have to work in association of the technical team on installation of the product.
  • They have to assist during the product launch, seminars, or exhibitions.
  • They should know the requirement of the customer to develop a suitable product for them.
  • They have to assist suppliers and other technicians to set up quality standards, which can become a benchmark.
  • They have to design many product designs.
  • They must be prepared to resolve any trouble that crops up with the machine.


The important skills required for this job are as described below.

  • They should have good knowledge about statistics and statistical tools.
  • They should have good manufacturing skills.
  • He must know about physical analysis skills.
  • They must have the knowledge about CAD and program simulation.
  • They must know about automated test tools and equipment.
  • Should have strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • They must have product management skills.

Work Environment

The working condition of the Product Engineer can be of the following types.

  • They work in well-lit, clean, and temperature controlled areas.
  • They generally work indoors.
  • They have generally normal working hours.
  • During product launch or just before, they may have to work long hours and might have to do overtime.
  • They have to work in close association with factory workers during the production of the machine.
  • They may have to travel for work.


The essential qualifications of this job are as described below.

  • They should be either graduate or post graduate in engineering.
  • Experience in product engineering is a must.
  • Should be capable of understanding the various issues related to the machine like, testing, analysis of its failure, how to debug it etc.
  • Should possess good understanding about semiconductors, circuit designing etc.

Tips for Jobs

To be successful in this job, some useful tips are as follows.

  • They should be proactive and very energetic people.
  • They should not only be able to design efficient machines, which increase the productivity, but also the business of the company.

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