Whether it is the household needs or the needs of the industry, you cannot overlook the overwhelming role of products. Books, chairs, industrial equipment, toiletries, medicines include the all comprehensive bracket of products. A product designer specializes in the realm of designing, and he designs products according to the realm of his specifications.

Job description

  • Designs products.
  • The actual nature of his job depends on the industry to which he belongs.
  • If he is a part of leather manufacturing, he is supposed to be designing leather items.
  • Introduction of new products, bringing about improvisation and producing things at rates of cost affectivity are some of the aspects of this job.
  • The job is all about selling the ideas of designing.

Job duties

  • Comes up with ideas as to the look and layout of a product.
  • Refers to the respective models of products.
  • Closely collaborates with the engineers, architects and the other designers as to the shape, size and layout of designing.
  • Drafting of prototypes, designing layouts on computers and designing three dimensional models includes the bracket of their responsibility.
  • Promoting the products introduced is one of their responsibilities, as well.
  • Carrying out research relevant to product designing is one of the focuses.
  • Coming up with effective schemes of product manufacturing & the layout of designing is one of their responsibilities.
  • They are supposed to oversee the details of designing as well as testing relevant to the same.


  • Creativity with a focus on detailing.
  • Needs to be conversant with the various methods and schemes of production.
  • Needs to be perceptive about the relevance of shape, dimension, colors and the overall impact.
  • Needs to be perceptive about the ongoing trends relevant to the usage of a product.
  • Should be well versed about the nature, texture and the quality of the base material.
  • Needs to be persuasive and convincing.

Work environment

The product designers are usually appointed by the manufacturing houses and the consultancies dealing with designing. There are rooms for contractual appointment, as well. Since there is always an acute demand for good designers, the work environment is ridden with competition, challenges and scope for self development.


  • Graduates with specialization in the field of art or that of designing.
  • Degree in designing.
  • Needs to be duly equipped with a designing portfolio.
  • Experience and exposure to the field of architecture may boost ones prospect.
  • In house training on the latest aspects of designing and development is often harped upon.
  • Training in the realm of software designing puts one in good stead.

Tips for the job

As a product designer, one needs to be open to the ideas of innovation and renovation. This in turn, emphasizes the needs for further training and continuing education. In order to improve as a designer, one needs to be thoroughly focused on some of the ancillary factors. These include focus on the marketable trends, the cost options with an eye on economy and concern for eco-friendliness.

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