A procurement engineer is mostly in charge of evaluation, item equivalence evaluations of site operations, commercial grade dedication and the maintenance of engineering departments. Thus, being a procurement Engineer is one of the most important job roles in a company. They are mostly employed by Crude oil production companies, natural gas suppliers and oilfield service companies. The most important part is utilizing the engineering and field experience to perform special assignments, and carry them out with utmost professionalism and care. With power comes responsibility, the procurement engineers are highly responsible, as they are in charge of the most important part of any job role.

Responsibilities of a Procurement Engineer

Any procurement engineer of a company is responsible for applying and understanding all the utility procedures and Policies. He is also responsible for the vendor, industry and regulatory information made by the corporate and site PE organization. The communication with employees of the Procurement Engineer, maintenance, and operations organization is vital for the smooth running between areas of expertise.

He also is in charge and responsible of the following –

>They should be able to maintain and establish a supplier base.

>They are required to effectively manage, and drive quality improvement program to vendors.

>They are also responsible for the drive and execute cost reduction activities to meet the management target.

>They are responsible for procurement, sourcing, and negotiation for electromechanical parts

>They will also have to take responsibility for sheet metals, CNC punched parts, stamped components and other fabrication parts (Most important) procurement.

Requirements to be a Procurement Engineer

>The Procurement Engineer must have a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

>A degree in Mechatronic Engineering will also suffice.

>A diploma holder in any of the two fields’ i.e. Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering with two to three years of relevant experience can also land up this job.

>High sense of responsibility and ability to keep up with dead lines

>They should have pleasing personality, and should be compatible in a team-work-environment.

>They should have knowledge of the market trends, and should be passionate in implementation of new things.

Other requirements may be- (Depends entirely on the company)

>The Procurement engineer must have excellent skills in negotiation, communication, and analysis

>The Procurement Engineer must be able to read mechanical drawing.

>A Procurement Engineer must be resourceful and independent

Work Conditions

The work conditions for a procurement engineers are just. The procurement engineer may have to undertake journeys to check the quality of material to be supplied. Other than that, it does not involve much traveling.

It requires a lot of meetings or conferences between suppliers and engineers, purchasers, inspectors, and other company personnel to facilitate material inspection, substitution, standardization, rework, salvage, utilization, and economical procurement of parts required for the processes in the industry.

Procurement Engineer- Essential Job Tips

>To be able to effectively work with the company’s partners

>Communicative – you should have excellent communication skills.

>They should be able to ensure long-term relations and position the company with long-term contracts.

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