A Process Analyst is specialized analyst for a particular process or a business activity. The main job of a process analyst is to design, plan and manage a business process. His role can be varied ranging from process analysis to identifying errors in the process to finding solutions. A process analyst can be a business analyst, finance analyst, technology analyst, production analyst, etc. depending on the business functions he is aligned to.

Skill Requirements

  • Should have good communication abilities with good knowledge of English language (both oral and written). Awareness of regional and foreign languages will be preferred.
  • Must be detailed oriented, hardworking and a perfectionist.
  • Analytical and problem solving abilities.
  • Technical knowledge of the process to deal with any kind of breakdowns.
  • Good organizational and resource management skills.
  • Should be able to work with minimum supervision.
  • Be able to work under stressful situations and manage stringent deadlines.
  • Should have knowledge of process related tools and equipments.
  • Excellent knowledge of computer fundaments, MS Office, MS Projects and other process related systems.

Job Duties

  • Design and develop process flow charts.
  • Interact with management, co-workers, superiors, and others to get a detailed understanding of the process. Understand how the process works, what are the resources required in the process, duration of the process and what is the outcome of the process.
  • Deep dive into each aspect of the process to identify problems or errors. Undertake data gathering and root cause analysis exercises.
  • Work with peers to come up with possible solutions to solve the problems.
  • Monitor the process at every stage.
  • Check if any process improvement exercise could be undertaken to save costs and resources and improve the quality of the output.
  • Do a cost benefits analysis to figure if the process is financially viable.
  • Be abreast of latest technological breakthrough that could be implemented in the existing process.
  • Find and suggest alternative or new processes that could replace the existing one.
  • Maintain proper documentation related to the process.
  • Supervise and train junior process analysts.
  • Read journals and take part in business seminars to enhance personal and professional skillsets.

Work Conditions

  • Will have to work from the office premises of the employer’s firm.
  • May be required to travel (either domestic or international) depending upon the location and the nature of the process.
  • Long working hours may be required in cases of heavy workload and tight deadlines.
  • Job can be physically demanding depending upon the nature of the process.

Educational Requirements

  • Must be a graduate in any field.
  • Post-graduation degree or diploma or MBA – Specialization in process related field will be an add-on. For example, a finance analyst should have specialized in the field of finance.
  • Candidates who have previously worked as process analyst in related functions will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Study the process in detail such that you know each fact in and out.
  • Communicate clearly and always dress professionally.
  • Always try to come up with new ideas and alternatives to improve the process.

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