Radio frequency Engineer is accountable for the analysis, design,Implementation, optimization and enhancement of wireless
telecommunications networks. Other responsibilities include initial system design, coverage planning, zoning, and evaluation support, and site identification and interference analysis. The person will guide the Design and Associate Engineers, and interact with project managers.

Job Description

This job needs good knowledge of RF Engineering and advice for finishing the complex and advanced level assignments. Principal RF Engineer is accountable for independent problem solutions which include initial system design and dimensioning, zoning analysis,
linking budget analysis, site identification, frequency planning, interference analysis and system dimensioning for coverage and
capacity. The engineer is supposed to be able to undertake network performance improvement tasks.


•Candidate should have a Masters in Computer Science/Physics/Management Information Systems with Bachelors in Electronics and Engineering or Telecommunications.
•Candidate should have experience in RF wireless design engineering and mobile radio propagation.
•Candidate should hold an experience of working on industries such as performance data management tools, optimization tools and
drive test tools.
•Candidate should hold an experience of working on any two of the following equipment: – Motorola Ericsson, Nortel, Lucent and Nokia Siemens.
•Candidates should have a work experience of working as a RF of at least 5 years with minimum of 3.5 years of Nortel equipment.
•Candidates should have good knowledge of at least two of the industry’s common  propagation tools (Odyssey , Planet, Tornado,  dB
Planner,  Wizard, etc.) for frequency planning, site database maintenance model calibration, map generation, interference matrix
analysis and drive test data post-processing, , etc.
•Candidate should have comprehensive  knowledge of air interface and system topology parameters for at least 3 of iDEN
EDGE,GSM/GPRS, CDMA,  TDMA network technologies
•Candidate should have good understanding of the main equipment selling companies such as Nortel , Nokia, Ericsson


•Candidate should be ready and flexible to work for long hours including weekends.
•Candidate should be prepared to reach the client’s location on a short notice.


1.Candidate should be able to perform planning, network design and optimization activities.
2.Candidate should be able to link design criteria, budget analysis and traffic analysis.
3.Candidate should perform inter-modulation analysis and site candidate evaluation.
4.Candidate should be able to carry out site and area surveys to recognize antenna orientation and equipment location.
5.Candidate should verify RF related site engineering drawings and perform site acceptance and build verification.
6.Candidate should be able to perform BCC planning and frequency planning.
7.Candidate should carry out optimization tasks and network performance improvement.
8.Candidate should employ new BSS or S/W parameters for complete network improvement.
9.Candidate should carry out BSS parameter audits, propose and modify parameters.


•Candidate should be well versed in set-up, utilization, calibration and data processing of various design and software
(Comarco, HP, TEMS, Grayson) and optimization equipment.
•Candidate should perform site selection and evaluation.
•Candidate should be able to verify RF related engineering drawings.
•Candidate should  have an active role in employment of RF engineering staff and to be good mentor to other engineering
colleagues as and when required.

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