Every company is looking forward for the ways to enhance its business and to acquire more customers in the market. For this purpose, they employ different people to understand the demand of the customer and his requirement. Presales consultant is also hired for this purpose by any customer oriented company. It is one type of the engineering or technical consultant job however share responsibility equivalent to project manager job.

Job Description

It is the job of presale consultant to understand and determine the requirements of the customers and to plan offers accordingly. He should provide solution to the customer requirements and assures the high quality solution is delivered. He offers great help in the growth of product management through his consultancy services.

Job Duties

The most significant job duties of presale consultants are as follow:

  • The main duty of a presale consultant is to conduct pre sales analytical studies regarding product and market of his company.
  • He is responsible for preparing analytical report by gathering consumer data and providing it to product management department.
  • He has to develop analytical report which can help to complete Benchmarking and RFP which can help to satisfy customers.
  • He is also responsible to work in coordination with IT department and help to automate the company procedures in most effective manner.
  • He has to develop the models that can help to illustrate the required solutions and also convey them to the customers.
  • For effective marketing, he is also responsible to develop the presentations and demonstrations for the potential customers.
  • It is also the duty of a presale consultant to provide the feedback to product development department regarding the customer feedback and market trends.
  • Presale consultants are required to develop complete understanding of the rules and procedures of a company and should prepare action plan to meet the target of a company on time.
  • He should be aware of business policies of the state home and local area that can help to draw better business strategies.
  • These consultants are required to attain the training provided by their company in a timely manner.
  • Presale consultant is responsible to develop an effective communication with the sponsor and business supplies.
  • Customer service is key job of presale consultants as they need to communicate with the customers regularly to analyze market trends.


To accomplish the job of presale consultant, one should be equipped with the skill of exceptional analytical thinking and should be able to use analytical tools in a professional manner. He should possess the skill of outstanding verbal communication along with an impressive presentation. He should be capable of communicating in different styles with clients from different areas. Presale consultant should be able to withstand pressure and capable of travelling enough to meet clients.

Work environment

Nowadays, Presales consultants are required in all organizations where sales and customers are the most significant part of the business. They have to work in coordination with other departments like Production, Customer Service, and Sales and even IT department to prepare analytical reports.


The basic qualification required for presale consultant is Bachelor degree in Business Management, Logistics or Computer Sciences. He should also have minimum 2 year experience in presales or supply chain operations. Experience in selling products or solutions and ability to produce an appropriate product response is of great help in this job. He should also possess expertise in the technical and functional writings.

Tips for job

  • It is recommended for presale consultant to develop a complete understanding of business policies of a particular company. It will help them to develop the strategies in a more effective manner.
  • Presale consultant should also capable to communicate with the customer directly and should develop effective verbal communication.

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