He has to plan and coordinate the design, manufacture, and maintenance of machines in production plants. They are also required to oversee the manufacturing process of the equipment.

Job Description

The main works related to this job are as described below:

  • They are required to plan and coordinate the designing and modification of machines and equipment in the production plant.
  • They have to see that the machines are nonpolluting and efficient.
  • They have to construct the machine in accordance to the engineering safety and health guidelines.
  • He is also required to maintain the buildings in the industrial plant. He has to monitor the survey and maintenance of the equipment and machines.
  • He has to prepare the bids for the tenders regarding the contracts for builders and other contractors.
  • They have to check the quality and efficiency of the machines, and see that they are as per the contract.

Job Duties

The essential duties that they need to perform are as described below:

  • He has to visit sites and ask the workers about the efficiency and the working of the operating process.
  • He has to keep a note of the efficiency of the plants during his site visits.
  • He should be able to device methods of increasing the efficiency of the plant. This may include purchasing new machines or their repair and maintenance.
  • He has to manage any new project related to the procurement of new machines or if any new procedures are going to be implemented.
  • He has to oversee the daily working of the site that he has been assigned.
  • They have to help the other plant personnel in the day to day working of the plant machines and tools.
  • They have to repair the machines whenever required, and try and prevent the breakdown of the machines.
  • Whenever they design a new machine, they have to test the product for its efficiency.
  • They have to design layouts, for the manufacture of the new machines.
  • They have to ensure that the production plant is able to maintain the minimum output that is expected from it.
  • They have to select the equipment required for increasing the production.
  • They have to negotiate with the contractors on the tender quotes that they submit.
  • They have to see that the plant is not polluting the surrounding area, as well as see that they are profit making entities too.


The important skills that they should possess are:

  • They should have strong analytical skills.
  • They should have good verbal skills to communicate with other personnel.
  • They should be able to work on computers for designing new machines.

Work environment

The working conditions are of the following types:

  • They have to work in factories and production plants.
  • They have long work hours.
  • If there is sudden breakdown of the equipment and the production has been stalled, then they have to repair it at any time of night or day.
  • Their working place is generally noisy and greasy.


The essential qualifications require for this job are:

  • They should be engineering graduates.
  • Having a degree in management is an additional benefit.
  • Working knowledge of computer is a must.

Tips for the Jobs

The candidates who want to take up this job should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They should be able to work under high stress condition.
  • They should be prepared to get their hands dirty with oil, grease, etc.

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