Piping engineer bears the responsibility of various technical and non-technical aspects of piping. A piping engineer deals with everything right from installation of the piping. With increasing use, the piping technology has expanded rapidly. There is a sharp hike in demand of good piping engineers. Hotels, hospitals, private residence, government, and private office now do require specialists for this.
The piping engineer not only deals with the installation of the piping but also is responsible to take care of its repair and maintenance. The piping engineers are expected to understand the functions of the
types of pipe that are required. They should also have a good knowledge of building plumbing. They are responsible for developing better and more efficient piping materials and their installation
system. Piping engineer begins with the illustration and plan of where and how the piping needs to established. From laying down the pipes to taking care of them piping engineer take the whole responsibility. The job profile of a piping engineer is slight different from rest, as they require working in odd hours and multiple job sites. This may require spending lot of time in travelling to multiple job sites.  Many piping engineers work independently and many work as the on-call basis.


• The piping engineer is required to study and interpret the design which is generally prepared by the planners.
• He must analyze the blueprint practically.
•The piping engineer is supposed to carry and supervise the installation work properly.
•The piping engineer is responsible for planning the duration of the work according to the work condition and also of giving a deadline.
He/she is expected to complete the full work before the deadline
• The person must ensure a good efficiency of the system installed. He/she must ensure that the piping system is working properly without any flaws.
. The piping engineer is solely responsible for distributing and managing the work among his workers and helpers. He must ensure proper co-ordination with them.
•The piping engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety at the work sight. He must ensure that all safety measures and procedures are followed and no workers or other is hurt or disturbed during the work.
• He/she should be preparing the report of every stage. This is necessary because it needs to be presented to the planner and should
be discussed up on.


1.      The candidate should possess a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
2.      The candidate must have some relevant experience in this field.
3.       Candidates having more than 2 years of experience will be preferred.


•       The piping engineer should have good and practical knowledge about
the installation of the piping system.
•       He should have an excellent leadership quality to manage well with his workers and to work in co-ordination with the planners
•       This job requires the candidate to have an exceptional problem handling skill
•       The person needs to have excellent communication skills
•       The person needs to have excellent management skills
•       He should be a good team-player.
•       He should be capable enough to manage the workers and address their work-related issues.

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