They act as the assistants of physiotherapists. They work under their close supervision. They perform only selected tasks in definite situations. Their duties include the preparation of the patient and the area of treatment.

Job Description

Some of the jobs that the aides perform are as described below.

  • They have to clean and organize the area of work and to sterilize the equipment after treatment.
  • During the process of treatment, they observe the patients and prepare data on their responses.
  • They guide, motivate, protect, and assist patients during the treatment. They prepare data of their observation and give it to the physiotherapist.
  • They have to position the patient safely on the therapy equipment.
  • They have to transport the patients in wheelchairs or provide standing support to them during the transfer from one area to another in the clinic.
  • They discuss along with the staff of the physical therapy department about the progress in the patient’s treatment and then plan or modify the type of treatment being given to them.

Job Duties

Some of the duties of this profession can be discussed as below.

  • They have to keep data about the treatment given and the equipment used.
  • They may have to perform clerical duties like, taking note of the purchases to be made, answer telephone calls, fill forms, etc.
  •  They have to keep the equipment and the furniture in good working condition. They have to assemble the equipment before their use and dismantle them after the treatment.
  •  They have to change the linen after the treatment is over.
  • They have to keep the supplies in order.
  •  They have to assist the patient in wearing slings, braces, etc.
  • They have to measure the flexibility of the different joints and body parts to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • They have to train the patient on the usage of the supporting devices.
  • They should know how to give traction, to relieve the patient of backache, neck pain, etc.


Some of the important skills of this job are as follows.

  • They should be ever ready to serve people.
  • They should pay full attention to whatever the patient is saying.
  • They should be able to sense the problem beforehand.
  • He should be able to see details from a close range.
  • He should possess good problem-solving skills.

Work Environment

The work environment of an aide can be as discussed below.

  • They can work in a variety of environments. They can be working in hospitals, offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, colleges, and institutions.
  • They should have the physical strength to lift patients from beds and wheelchairs.
  • They need to bend, stand in awkward conditions, and to lift heavy objects.
  • They need to work on weekends too and frequently do night shifts too.


Some of the basic qualifications required for these jobs are as described below.

  • They have to be a graduate in science.
  • They must have completed some diploma course in physiotherapy.
  • They must know about the techniques of basic first aid and CPR.
  • Clinical experience is required by most of the companies.
  • They have to pass an exam to get a license for working as an aide.

Tips for Jobs

Some of the important points to be remembered in this job are as follows.

  • They should be very helpful and compassionate in nature.
  • They should be physically fit to carry out this job.

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