Physical therapist assistant work under the instruction of physical therapist where he or she will assist patients in reducing the pain, increase the mobility of joints, prevent from future attacks of pain and sufferance. They help the people who are suffering from heart disease, fractures, cerebral palsy and many dangerous diseases that can affect majorly. They also help the patient in exercise so that they can live a happy life. They help in the enhancement of physical strength and stamina. They help to bring wellness in the life of the patients so that they can live without any pain and problem.

Job description

  • Physical therapist assistant takes care of the patients.
  • He or she should be abide by the instructions of therapist in the course of exercises
  • Physical therapist assistant should handle ultrasound, massage, muscle training, electrical stimulation properly for the patients
  • Maintain all the reports of the patients in terms of result outcome.
  • Even helps in conduct the exercise session with the therapist and even helps in office work to maintain the records of the patients.

Job duties

  • Physical therapist assistant can work in a wide range of areas like in sports clinics, hospitals and even in schools.
  • You have to help the patient in doing the exercise properly.
  • Follow the instruction of therapist very effectively to provide a positive result.
  • Help the patient in massage and in other medical equipment.
  • Increase the stability and confidence of the patients.


Physical therapist assistant should possess good quality of skills like maintaining all the records of the patient’s illness, assist the physical therapist in his or her instructions, help patients with a lot of care and help in the exercise very effectively for the patients. He or she should have profound knowledge on massage, ultrasound, and use of medical equipments in a correct manner. Physical therapist assistant should provide full support to the patients starting from the treatment procedure to the curing procedure so that they can get the best help in their pain and sufferance.

Work environment

Physical therapist assistant should be strong enough so that they can help the patient with all sorts of physical activities. They have to lift the patient to the bed or to any support aid, which patient cannot do by them. The work ambience totally depends on the situations and facilities. Most can perform their duty as part time basis but according to the need of the patients they can even work in the weekends or can go for night shifts.


To become a good physical therapist assistant, you should attain-

  • Should pass National Physical therapy Exam
  • Degree on physical therapy education
  • Certificate on first aid and CPR is preferable for field work i.e. clinical
  • Good experienced is preferable
  • To continue with the license of physical therapy assistant continue your education.

Tips for the job

As a physical therapist assistant, you should have full interest on this field. You should have a helping mentality to towards the people so that you can take good care of them. You have to be very soft and diligent in handling a patient’s pain and sufferings. Your patience can boost the confidence of the patients, and they can get the treatment and cure very fast and make themselves free from the pain.

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