Having candid interest in photography can allow you to make career as photo editor where by your editing skills you can enhance quality of photograph. It is sole responsibility of photo editor to look after content of photograph before getting it published in particular magazine or newspaper. He needs to ensure that all work related to editing is carried out on timely basis. Photo editing job can be done for news papers, blogs, websites, magazines, books, etc depending on your line of interest.

Job Description

  • He should be good with Photoshop, Coral draw, Flash tools, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Creativity is the essential ingredient which candidate must possess.
  • He needs to mainly work on the background of photography.
  • He must have ability to work as per the mentioned budget and meet deadlines.
  • Quick thinking and precise decision making power is required.
  • Travelling is always there in the agenda of photo editor.
  • He might have to create theme based photo editing.
  • Supervising staff for editorial work must be done keeping in mind what photograph demands.

Job Duties

  • First work of photo editor is to sort the correct picture from the clicked ones.
  • After that he needs to look after the printing and color aspect of photograph.
  • Before any kind of photo editing he needs to conduct research work.
  • He should look after location of photograph, makeup, props, etc.
  • Carrying on paper work is part of his duty.
  • Conducting editorial or staff meeting if required.
  • He might have to hire photographers as well.
  • Change the look of photograph and present it in a new way.
  • Create new ideas.
  • Ensure that photos are presented in an organized manner.
  • He needs to look after the publishing details of photograph.
  • He must have ability to make last moment changes if demanded.
  • If required he might have to click pictures before carrying out editing work.


  • Finest eyesight is essential.
  • Good editorial skills are must needed among photo editors.
  • Color selection must be apt.
  • Classy choice can take you far ahead if you are looking forward to work with magazines or newspaper.
  • Must be able to handle multi task.
  • Ability to communicate and negotiate if required.
  • Experience in the field of photography can be favorable.
  • He must take care of copyright related issues.
  • Good knowledge of lighting can create impressive photography.
  • Good at computer imaging and studio lighting can add charm to photograph.
  • Ability to handle different assignments at a time.

Work Environment

  • No fix working hours.
  • Must be ready to work round the clock.
  • Good eye sight is essential in order to be in front of screen for hours.
  • Maintain cameras and other instruments.


  • Photoshop certified professional.
  • Diploma or graduate as photo editor.
  • Graduate in digital designing is also favorable.
  • Along with photo editing candidate must be good in digital imaging and studio design.
  • Masters in photography can be favorable.

Tips for Jobs

  • To acquire photo editor job you need to have good presence of mind and creative skills.
  • Try to figure out your line of interest as it can be wild photography, fashion photography, etc.

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