If you have any problems regarding your finances like investment, mortgages, loans, taxes etc then you need to take the help of a professional. The person who helps you out regarding this problem is known as the personal financial advisor. Their main purpose is to help their clients in planning and also arranging the financial matters.

Job description

  • They are the specialized people in tax, insurance and hence, they provide financial advice to the clients.
  • After listening to the short term and long term goal of the clients they are there to help them out with the right investment plan.

Here let us discuss in detail regarding the exact duties of the personal financial advisor.

Job duties

The listed duties below are the main duties of the personal financial advisor.

  • They recommend the proper investment plan to their clients.
  • After the client has invested it is the duty of the personal financial advisor to let their client know how the investment is progressing.
  • There are some personal financial advisors who help the clients regarding the retirement plan.
  • They are always there to answer the client’s question regarding their financial matter.
  • It is their duty to contact their clients to know whether they want to have any financial changes to their plan.
  • They should contact the creditors of the clients to adjust the payments.
  • They help the clients regarding income tax, bank account and even pension plans.


Let us know the basic skills of the personal financial advisor.

  • There should be a personal skill so that, the financial advisor can handle all type of personalities.
  • They should have an excellent concept regarding the market analysis.
  • They should be very much flexible so that they can serve the clients easily and can meet all their needs.
  • They should be very much confident and trustworthy so that, the clients can discuss their issues easily with them.
  • They should be a very good communicator.

Work environment

The personal financial advisors mostly work in their office and sometimes they have to visit their clients. They do not have any particular time to work. The clients can call them when they have time. They even have to work during the nights and in the weekends. Mostly all the financial advisors work on a full time basis.


  • There should be a bachelor’s degree in any of the financial subjects like business administration, mathematics, economics, statistics or finance.
  • It is believed that the bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification for the personal financial advisor, so it is better if one has a degree higher than that.
  • Any prior experience in this field will really be very helpful.

Tips for the job

If you can follow these tips then it will be beneficial for you as you can excel in the field of personal financial advisor.

  • Communicate well with your client.
  • Be available whenever your client needs you.
  • Attain the trust of your client.
  • Serve your client well.

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