A Passenger Service Agent (“PSA”) is responsible for assisting the travellers at the onset of their journey. Most of the PSA’s are employed at airports, however they are also present in small numbers at railway stations, ports and bus stands. A PSA performs a gamut of duties ranging from booking tickets to loading/unloading luggage to solving customers’ queries. The travel industry is growing by leaps and bounds due to globalization as a result of which there is increased demand for qualified and experienced passenger service agents.

Skill Requirements

  • Must have outstanding communication skills which include oral and written communication.
  • Should be highly proficient in English and the local language of the region where the airport is located. Candidates who have knowledge of commonly used foreign languages like French or German will be preferred.
  • Should be a good driver. Be able to drive small as well as heavy vehicles such as bus comfortably.
  • Must have calm and composed attitude so as to deal effectively with errant passengers.
  • Hard working and self-driven individuals who love serving people.
  • Physically strong to lift heavy luggage and push trolleys and carts.
  • Strong computer skills. Must be proficient in use of softwares/systems related ticketing, reservations, flight schedules, etc.

Job Duties

Job duties of a PSA are varied. Most of the airports rotate their PSA’s across many functions every few months. Some of the duties that a PSA is expected to perform are listed below. A PSA may also be expected to perform additional duties over and above those mentioned below depending upon the nature of employment.

  • Make reservations and sell travel tickets.
  • Issue boarding passes.
  • Check-in luggage.
  • Check visa stamps and passenger background at the immigration counter.
  • Assist customers to load and unload luggage.
  • Make announcements related to flight schedules, delays, connecting flights, etc.
  • Assist the passengers and flight crew during aircraft boarding.
  • Handle customer complaints and solve them.
  • Provide wheel chair or other assistance to old, handicapped, injured or ill travellers. Provide special assistance for people travelling with children.
  • Conduct security checks of passengers and baggage.
  • Assist at the foreign exchange counter.
  • Ensure clean and hygienic work area at the airport/railway station/port/bus stand.
  • Drive airport vehicles for movement of luggage or people from one point to another.
  • Be familiar with latest changes in the travel industry and undertake courses to enhance personal skills and knowledge base.

Work Conditions

  • Work at airports, railway stations, bus stands or ports.
  • Will have to work in 24*7 shifts and may have to work long hours.
  • Job involves being on feet for long hours.
  • Should be willing to work on weekends and on public holidays.
  • Domestic or international travel maybe required.
  • Exposure to aircraft, train or other vehicle fumes and pollution.

Educational Requirements

  • Under graduation or graduation in any stream.
  • Post-graduation (Diploma or Degree or MBA or Certificate) in travel & tourism or international business or hospitality or customer care.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must pass the security background check and drug test.
  • Candidates with previous experience working as a PSA will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Provide friendly and efficient customer service.
  • Greet the customer with a smile.
  • Ensure neat and clean appearance and wear uniform all the time.
  • Be watchful and report any suspicious person or activity to the security.

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