A Parking Attendant is a person who manages a parking plot. A parking plot is a public or a private property where owners/drivers park their vehicles. A parking attendant collects fees from the car owners for allowing them to park their vehicles in the plot. Some parking attendants are also authorized by the local police or municipality to issue tickets to those who park their vehicles in a “no parking” zone.

Skill Requirements

  • Must have elementary knowledge of English and few local languages of the locality.
  • Must be physically strong in order to cope with the demanding nature of the job.
  • Must have excellent vehicle driving skills. Should be able to drive any type of vehicles with ease.
  • Knowledge of local and national traffic and vehicle related rules and regulations.
  • People friendly nature and pleasing persona.
  • Honest and hardworking individuals.
  • Have a professional attitude in dealing with different types of people.
  • Rudimentary mathematical skills and be able to do simple calculations for fee collection.
  • Be able to operate electronic parking fee collection system.

Job Duties

  • Take down vehicle number and other details.
  • Suggest the vehicle owner/driver an appropriate place to park the car. In case of valet service, request the owner/driver to give the car keys and park the vehicle. Store the keys properly in the storage cabinet.
  • Issue a receipt which clearly mentions the incoming time of the vehicle, vehicle number and other details.
  • Collect the parking fees at the time of entry or exit depending upon the policy of the parking lot.
  • Monitor the traffic and vehicle movement within the parking lot.
  • Ensure significant distance between two parked vehicles such that there is not difficulty in removing any vehicle.
  • Politely ask the vehicle owners if they would like to avail of any additional services available with the parking lot such as car cleaning, windshield cleaning, checking tire air pressure, etc. If yes, issue separate receipts for such services.
  • When the owner is exiting the parking lot, ensure the parking a fee has been collected and accordingly stamp the parking receipt.
  • Ensure cleanliness is maintained in the parking lot. Bring any repairs or maintenance work needed to the notice of the supervisor.
  • In case of any unforeseen circumstances such as theft or accidents, immediately report the incident to the police or the security.

Work Conditions

  • Work from on-ground or underground parking plots of any public or private enterprise.
  • Maybe required to work in rotating shifts.
  • The job involves being on feet for long hours.
  • Physically demanding job.
  • Candidate will be exposed to car pollution, sun rays, dirt and grime in day to day work.

Educational Requirements

  • Under graduate or Graduate in any stream.
  • Post-graduation is not needed for this job.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license. Driving records should be clean without any instance of violation in the past.
  • Candidates with previous experience as parking attendants will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Always speak politely with the car owners.
  • Be calm in case of any rude behavior by the vehicle owners.
  • Wear your identity badge at all the time.
  • Drive slowly and carefully.
  • Be honest and avoid any kind of cheating.

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