The packaging engineer of a company helps in presenting the products in a beautiful manner. They look after the corporate packing. They even plan out the storage as well as maintenance of the products. Packaging engineer works closely with the factory and technical team. He makes sure that the product is efficiently packed to protect any sort of pilferage. It is a tough task, and companies hire special technical person for the product management.

Job description

  • Plans out the design and protective containers for packing the product.
  • Makes sure that the item is properly packaged, if it has to be shipped to other destination.
  • Looks after the safety measures while packing.
  • He has to select apt material for the product. Each product has to be separately packed.
  • Frames budget for packing the product.
  • Manages the product delivery with his team.
  • Works with creative team and designs impressive packs.

Job duties

  • Discusses with the management and plans about product packing.
  • Designs standard packages for product delivery.
  • The engineer has to review the production process. He must look after the manufacturing process and then work on the product dispatch. If the product has to be sent through ship or air. He has to package it appropriately.
  • Must look into product safety packaging, so that it is not damaged in the process.
  • Estimating cost of production.
  • Be flexible in approach and change design if and when necessary.
  • Work with the team of client, factory workers, production department, sales team and clients.


  • He should have excellent communication skill, both written and verbal.
  • He has to coordinate with other departments.
  • He must be a man of vision. If he lacks vision, he will not be able to produce the work efficiently.
  • He must have knowledge about technology

Work environment

The production team works in a challenging condition. Since the packaging engineer works with them, he also faces challenges of the product management. Though he sits in an air-conditioned office, yet he works mostly with the factory worker, production team, creative department, sales representative and dispatch team. He works in a heterogeneous atmosphere.


The packaging engineer work in the manufacturing plant to create container for product sell. His job needs following qualification;

  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from a University.
  • He must have sound technical knowledge. Advance courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics are essential for this job.
  • Effective communication, computer knowledge, basic designing sense is very essential for becoming a successful packaging engineer.
  • Some mechanical engineers also work in the packaging department.

Tips for the job

  • To become a successful packaging engineer, you must have the basic sense of safety packing. You have to look after the product safety.
  • Basic knowledge of food packing also helps in the growth.
  • A sense of creative expression through packaging.
  • He should have analytical sense.
  • A sound knowledge of dispatch process is essential.

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